Christmas Party at Trinity Park!


Yesterday we had our Christmas party and it was so much fun! I didn't know what to expect really. I've never been to one before so I didn't know whether to dress up as a Christmas tree, an elf, wear something fancy, or look like I was going to work… I didn't know. Turns out it wouldn't have mattered. Amongst the pantomime dames, the very much above the knee dresses (I sound like my mother, I know!), the shirts with bow ties and sparkly jumpsuits I could have worn anything really. I did however make an effort and wore some skinny trousers with a velvet pattern overlay, a peplum top with bell sleeves and a pastel statement necklace. Not very Christmassy, but I loved it all the same.

The party started at 7 in the evening, so we aimed to arrive at 7.15. You don’t want to look too eager do you?! I however, got there a little early (at about five past) and decided to hang around the doorway until I saw someone I knew. Little did I know, that everyone was inside…

Anyway, as I walked in, I was greeted by Peter Pan or Robin Hood (one of the two, the costume wasn't great) and the entrance was decorated with snowy trees and smoke covered the floor. It was really welcoming and got you in the Christmas spirit. As I walked into the main hall, I saw everyone by the bar (of course) and I was presented with a glass of Prosecco. Once we were all together, we made our way to our table.

Each table was decorated differently. They were meant to represent different pantomime themes, but I'm not sure which one ours related to! Some were really nice though with glittery white branches as a centre piece.

Before we started our meal, we were all welcomed by Captain Hook who introduced each table and asked us, in order to get the party started, have a look at the coloured tubs on our table and light them together as a room. They were party bombs and each one contained something different for each table to do. Ours contained pea shooters, noise trumpets and balloons, but some people had glitter guns, masks and all sorts of other things. They were good fun actually, although a little childish. After all of that, we started the meal. I had an Asian duck salad to start which was lovely and fresh. Other options included a classic prawn cocktail (of course) and soup.

For an interval, we then had a little pantomime performance for us to watch, (not my favourite) but some good dancing and something to talk about!

Once that had finished we continued with our meal: roast turkey with potatoes, Brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce, chocolate mousse cake with cherries in brandy, mince pies, chocolates and coffee. I really enjoyed everything – even the Brussel sprouts!

Then the party started. The dodgems were opened, the music started and everyone got up and danced the night away. There were also some party games including a ‘milk the cow’ race, beat the buzz metal wire and hoopla. Overall we had a really fun night!

As always, I will add some photos later, but now I am going to have a coffee :) 

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