MAC: False Lashes

Extreme Black Mascara Review

Before we start, is it MAC, mac or Mac?!

I have so many mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks and well, every piece of makeup you could imagine.

However, a new product is introduced every week and with Mac, this seems to be even more frequent.

Now, I'm not complaining, but in between Viva Glam, the Cinderella story and let's face it many, many more collections, my bank balance ain't looking so great.

Freebies, If like. 
- Try before you buy.
- Make me love your brand more.
- Yes, ok I'll buy the full size product.

Anyway, after buying some foundation online, I received a mini, tiny sample of their new False Lash Extreme Black Mascara - thanks!

So, what do I think?

Well, I've recently been on a trip to London and thought that would be the perfect opportunity and ultimate test for the gloopy black substance.

Well, I had my concerns.
Does it make my lashes longer? Yes, but not to falsies standard. They look doll like, not bad, just not as impressive as I had hoped.

What is impressive though - the staying power.


Now, if you are like me, make up is a chore.
No, keeping makeup looking flawless is a chore.
Melty eyeliners and smudges are not a good look, but I can guarantee that my makeup will slide during the day.
Actually, on that note, if anyone knows of a good primer/setting spray that will stop my makeup slipping and sliding PLEASE let me know!

Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that the mascara stayed put - ALL DAY!

As for my naked palette eyeshadow, crave and faint, well that's a different story. 

So, will I be rushing out to buy MAC's mascara?
Honestly,  probably not. Next time I need a mascara I think I am going to jump on the band wagon and try Benefit's Roller Lash, but all in all - Good Job Mac! Let's face it, they know what they're doing.

Final Score: 7/10

The Little Things

What Makes Me Happy?

Research tells us that happy people are more attractive. Even pretending to smile releases the same happy hormones as if you are actually smiling.

It's a weird emotion. 
It hurts if you laugh too much.
You can be so happy that you cry.
Yet, it's one of the best emotions.

I've decided to write this post for those days when I'm a bit under the weather.
Everyone has those days, right?
If you want to pop back, this post will always be here as a reminder of the little things that make me happy - maybe it'll cheer you up too.

So, what makes me happy?

Well, after having a think about it - quite a few things actually.

When you think about it, the number of times you have been hugged, times you've been tucked up in bed and kissed on the cheek - I don't think I could count the numerous happy, content feelings.

Because of that, I have whittled down a list of 25 things that make me happy.
I thought 10 was too few and 50 a bit too many.
So, here we go.

Happiness is: 

1. Waking up with the warm sun on your face
2. Coming home from a hard day at work, finding dinner ready and waiting for you on the table
3. Laughing with your friends and reminiscing about the silly things you did in the past
4. When you are doing your hair and the first style you choose to do works out first time
5. Getting the perfect winged eyeliner, with no wiggly lines or smudges
6. Having something super cute fall asleep on you - like a cat or a puppy, aww!
7. Being given gifts, just for being you
8. Watching ridiculous videos and fails on YouTube
9. Finding a bargain at your favourite store, in your size
10. Receiving a compliment
11. Reaching a goal, whether that's cooking a meal for your family, running 5k or, well anything!
12. Buying a new note book - or two, or three
13. Growing a vegetable - Picking, cooking and eating it
14. When you go on holiday: Sun, sand and swimming
15. Tidying your room and it looking great
16. Slipping into clean bed sheets
17. Getting a like on a Facebook post
18. When someone in a queue of cars, lets you cross over the road
19. Indulging in a hot chocolate, with marshmallows... and cream
20. Playing boardgames and winning
21. Eating chocolate directly from the freezer
22. Hugging someone you haven't seen in ages
23. When people laugh at your jokes
24. Walking through dry, crisp leaves
25. Having a picnic on a summers day

I'm sure there are many more things that make me happy, but here's my little list. They may not be fancy or things that have made me the happiest I have ever been, but it's my list and these little things make me happy.

I think I will look at this post in the future, just as a simple way to make me smile.

What was the happiest moment of your life?

Another Place

Crosby Beach | Liverpool

Another Place | Victoria Alice Blogs
Another Place | Victoria Alice Blogs
Another Place | Victoria Alice Blogs
Another Place | Victoria Alice Blogs
Another Place | Victoria Alice Blogs
Last weekend, I was lucky enough to visit Liverpool again and went to see Another Place on Crosby Beach - A beautiful art installation of 100 cast iron statues that all look out to sea.
On a sunny day, they are a little out of place, I feel they should be viewed on a stormy grey day to truly get the full effect, but I absolutely loved it and will definitely visit again, if only to get some really moody shots into my portfolio!

Some more information
Visit Southport 
Visit Liverpool 

May Favourites

Monthly Favourites | May 2015


Flawless Fresh Face
I have been loving the simple make up look this month. For a more summery look, I will wear a light foundation or BB cream, a rose blush, a peach highlight for dewy cheeks and Vaseline on my lips. However, after a long day, I cannot wait to take my makeup off with the garnier micellar water for sensitive skin. It's so fresh and works wonders.


My fringe is in an awkward stage where it is too long to keep as bangs, but too short to part and blend into my hair so this month I have been loving bobby pins, pinning my hair back and the half and half preppy look.


I'm still obsessed with Ed Sheeran. The less said about that the better - However, singing along, getting ready in the morning gets me ready and set for the day.


I love Netflix - I watch it every night. Whether that's reruns of Dexter's Lab or catching up with Pretty Little Liars. Anyway, my favourite movie that I watched this month was The Family, starring Robert De Niro, It's basically about a mafia family who try and fit into a new neighborhood. It's so funny and has just the right amount of crime and violence for a horror lover like myself.


Tesco's cherries and berries double concentrated squash. Just get it, it's delicious. Really fruity and delicious, it would be great matched with lemonade to create a tasty mocktail in the summer!

And there you have it, a few of my favourite things this month :)

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