Christmas Party at Trinity Park!

Yesterday we had our Christmas party and it was so much fun! I didn't know what to expect really. I've never been to one before so I didn't know whether to dress up as a Christmas tree, an elf, wear something fancy, or look like I was going to work… I didn't know. Turns out it wouldn't have mattered. Amongst the pantomime dames, the very much above the knee dresses (I sound like my mother, I know!), the shirts with bow ties and sparkly jumpsuits I could have worn anything really. I did however make an effort and wore some skinny trousers with a velvet pattern overlay, a peplum top with bell sleeves and a pastel statement necklace. Not very Christmassy, but I loved it all the same.

The party started at 7 in the evening, so we aimed to arrive at 7.15. You don’t want to look too eager do you?! I however, got there a little early (at about five past) and decided to hang around the doorway until I saw someone I knew. Little did I know, that everyone was inside…

Anyway, as I walked in, I was greeted by Peter Pan or Robin Hood (one of the two, the costume wasn't great) and the entrance was decorated with snowy trees and smoke covered the floor. It was really welcoming and got you in the Christmas spirit. As I walked into the main hall, I saw everyone by the bar (of course) and I was presented with a glass of Prosecco. Once we were all together, we made our way to our table.

Each table was decorated differently. They were meant to represent different pantomime themes, but I'm not sure which one ours related to! Some were really nice though with glittery white branches as a centre piece.

Before we started our meal, we were all welcomed by Captain Hook who introduced each table and asked us, in order to get the party started, have a look at the coloured tubs on our table and light them together as a room. They were party bombs and each one contained something different for each table to do. Ours contained pea shooters, noise trumpets and balloons, but some people had glitter guns, masks and all sorts of other things. They were good fun actually, although a little childish. After all of that, we started the meal. I had an Asian duck salad to start which was lovely and fresh. Other options included a classic prawn cocktail (of course) and soup.

For an interval, we then had a little pantomime performance for us to watch, (not my favourite) but some good dancing and something to talk about!

Once that had finished we continued with our meal: roast turkey with potatoes, Brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce, chocolate mousse cake with cherries in brandy, mince pies, chocolates and coffee. I really enjoyed everything – even the Brussel sprouts!

Then the party started. The dodgems were opened, the music started and everyone got up and danced the night away. There were also some party games including a ‘milk the cow’ race, beat the buzz metal wire and hoopla. Overall we had a really fun night!

As always, I will add some photos later, but now I am going to have a coffee :) 

Lavenham Christmas Market 2014

A while ago, I decided it would be a great idea to start making jewellery. I’ve always been crafty (in the DIY sense!) and have always made something whether it’s gifts, cards or meals for friends and family. This time around, I decided to make jewellery. I love jewellery. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, those mini tip finger rings – I love them all! Anyway, I saw an advert for the Lavenham Christmas Market and thought it sounded lovely so I booked a table around July and it finally came around on Saturday 6th December.

It was so cold in the morning and the car was all frosty, but once we got going it soon warmed up. Lavenham is quite far from where I live as well so we left early to get there on time. On arrival everyone had already began setting up and we were definitely novices. I thought we stuck out like a sore thumb, but once we had finished, our stall didn’t look too bad. The morning was successful, but it soon slowed down. The weather probably didn’t help! For a long day, it actually went really quickly and I had loads of compliments on my wares. This was probably the most satisfying part of the day.

Highlight: I saw a miniature schnauzer in a jumper!

SEE! >>>

Pros and Cons of a Craft Stall


You have to spend hours crafting (VERY difficult, especially with a full time job and a love of the gym)

You have to pay for a table and there is no guarantee that you will make your money back (I broke even this time, but for my first fair I thought that this was ok…)

The best way to improve is to go to craft fairs (more money and time) – Listen to what people say

Have you priced your items too high? - That's a scary thought, along with will anyone buy anything?!

After you’ve made the items, you also have to consider packaging and pricing your pieces – A lot more time consuming than I had planned!

If it goes well then great! However, be prepared with a website, contact details, a business card, you don’t want to get caught out… I did and just had to give my email address… very unprofessional

You don’t know what the weather is going to be like/ will people turn up/ will you run out of items?

People aren’t happy spending a lot on something they can make themselves… Someone said at my stall that they could make a pair of earrings that I had on display… not impressed!


You get to meet some really lovely people

I took on this project for fun and it allowed me to spend a lot of time with my Mum and actually finish a project that I started (this rarely happens). This is also an item that was on my bucket list so it can be crossed off!

I didn’t sell everything :( - but I now have a lovely collection of gifts that I can give to friends and family for Christmas

Fairs are held all over the place so you get to visit areas that you might not have been to before

You will (hopefully) make some money!

Final thought:
For me, it was a little too time consuming and I made very little money so I won’t be doing another fair in the near future – I probably would do it again, but only if I had a craft that was unique and a bit more different.

Have you ever held a stall at a craft fair? How did it go? Any advice for me? Tell me, tell me, tell me! 

Lavenham Christmas Market

To be honest I don’t quite know what to write about today. I didn’t really want to mention Christmas for the third day in a row! However, I put the tree up in work today. It was such a nice break from the computer and great to take part in as we don’t have one at home this year – don’t ask, not my idea…

Anyway, other than that I haven’t really done much. My job has been made official and I’m doing well at the gym, not losing weight, but getting fitter and that’s about it!

I’ve also been frantically crafting – If you didn’t know – actually you wouldn’t as I haven’t mentioned it, but I’m going to be holding a stall at a Christmas market in Lavenham on Saturday… THIS Saturday.  I’m quite excited, but also very, very nervous. I thought it was a good idea at the time and now three months later I’m not too sure. For one, I’m making jewellery – some out of beads, others upcycled vintage materials and some using my own illustrations. I love each pair of earrings that I make and would wear my necklaces myself, but I don’t know whether other people will like it – It’s really scary! Tonight I’m going to see how big my table will be as well and see if I have enough to go on it, or whether I’ll really have to pull my finger out and craft away for an extra hour or two – I don’t know how people do it, where do you get the time?! Sometimes, I get up, work, go to the gym, go home, eat dinner and then it’s bedtime. I wish the day was longer – no, I wish we had Wednesdays off! No one like Wednesdays right?!

Anyway, I might add a bit to this later, but to be honest it’s probably going to stay as a short one today – Hey, I’ve got jewellery to make!

DIY Christmas Earring Inspiration

Now that it is officially December and nearly Christmas I have been so excited about everything Noel. Snowflakes, twinkling lights, red, green and gold – nothing will get me out of the Christmas spirit this month!

To ease me a bit more gently into the Christmas vibe (and to ease others into my Christmas obsession) I was thinking about making some subtle Christmas earrings as a little hint towards it being Christmas soon and possibly seeing if they were nice enough to give them as gifts.

Here are a few that I have seen, some that have tutorials, some that I might just have to use as a guide. I’m going to attempt to make them – depending on whether I can find the beads and findings in my little DIY collection and I’ll post the results in due course, but for now, here are some ideas and inspiration for you to have a look at :)






Which ones are your favourite?
I like the first ones - who wouldn't like little Christmas baubles?!

Top Ten BBC Good Food Show Tips

The Good Food Show Winter

On Saturday I went to the wonderful as always Good Food Show at the NEC Birmingham. 

It was amazing! Busy, but amazing. 

If you don’t know what it is, it’s an exhibition full of stands, with everything ranging from Gourmet Popcorn, to Snowdonia Cheese; Xuxu strawberry vodka to deliciously refreshing aloe vera drinks. It’s the place for foodies to go and try everything and anything and just a great day out!

I usually go to the summer show, as the gardening show is also on, but it was nice seeing different foods and new areas at the winter show. New this year, they had a Cakes and Bakes Village as well as an Eat Well section… I hope you know which area I preferred! 

Anyway, introduction over – here’s a link to the site if you want a bit more info or fancy visiting one of their shows :) - but what I really wanted to share with you today was my top 10 tips for visiting these shows – it is of course written for the food show, but they also transfer to other exhibitions I’m sure 

The Winter Good Food Show Top 10 Tips 

Buy heavy things first 

Ok, so you’ve done your research and you are going to the show to grab a bargain, right? You decide that you will leave this purchase to last. After all you don’t want to carry it around all day so you’ll pick it up last thing…wrong. Buy heavy things first, grab them and take them back to the car. You don’t even have to carry it, bring a trolley from home, one of those little shopper ones like this, plonk it in there and take it to the car. You might think that carting it around all day might not be too bad an idea, but just get it out of the way. It’s busy, people might trip over your trolley and what’s more, one of your hands isn’t free for grabbing samples and general money-goods transactions.

If you want it… grab it 

This is especially true for goody bags and offers. It isn’t guaranteed that exhibition stands will reduce their prices at the end of the day, especially because they have already got some great deals on so don’t miss out on the things that you want, grab them while you can. Furthermore, stock is managed so that there is enough for each day of the show. Saturday is usually the busiest day so you would expect stall holders to account for this, but that is not always true so it is so important to get there early and get those offers! If you want the magazine goody bags I would also grab these first thing with the heavy items, books are also heavy so they are great to put back in the car.

If you are unsure of something, leave it

If you are having second thoughts about an item, come back later. If you forget about it, maybe you don’t want it as much as you thought. It might be a great offer, but what good is something if you are not going to use it? Also, if you do want it after a bit of a walk around, go back and bargain. There is nothing to be ashamed of and if you get an even better deal – that’s great!

Plan meeting celebs at book signings

It is very unlikely that you can catch a celeb at the show for an autograph or picture. It is such a busy place and the celebs have shows to attend and places to be so they often can’t stop for large groups. The best way to catch your favourite chef or TV personality is at book signings. Yes, you might have to buy a book, but they are often on offer and you are pretty much guaranteed to have a personal message and photograph!

Charity drop off points are cheaper than the official cloak rooms

If your car is miles away and you’re starting to get a bit tired, a cloak room is a great idea. However, the first one you see is usually in the foyer and will cost you more than the one in the exhibition itself. I dropped off some of my bags at the Guide Dogs Charity drop off point and for a donation of your choice, you can leave your things safely, help charity and take a load off your back

Plan sit down stops around cooking demos

It is very likely that you will get tired. You are walking around all day, shopping and trying to avoid the people that push for a free sample. Plan your day in advance and time some sit downs around cooking demos. These are usually done by well-known chefs and along with recipe ideas and tips, they usually give away free goodies and photo opportunities at the end.

Don’t be afraid to ask for testers and bargain the price

Sometimes, the tasters are reserved behind the counter. Many people see free food, grab it and go. However, if you are genuinely interested in the product, you should be able to taste it and try before you buy. Just ask! Also, if you are looking to buy a few items, say a case of champagne or boxes of items, this is the best time to bargain.

Don’t waste time

I know this sounds harsh, but I saw a lot of people at a popular high street store stand. It had an offer of 10% off Kitchenaid mixers, but other than that there were no other show offers and the stall was heaving! If you are just having a look around, don’t waste your time at an everyday store – grab those things another day!

Take advantage of buy now, collect later

This is a great option for you if you don’t want to carry things around with you like heavier items, but also most effective for foods that have to be refrigerated. People sell all sorts including sausages, so leaving items refrigerated is a great idea, just don’t forget to pick them up!

Grab meals at the show before or after lunch
Lunch time is so busy at food stalls for obvious reasons. The queues are longest at this time, but avoid them by eating a little earlier or later

Try something new

There are so many food stalls and hundreds of tasters on offer. Whether you want to try an oyster, some smoked garlic, truffle or just some artisan bread there is so much to try and it’s free so you might as well give it a go – you might love it!

Research and check price of big purchases before the show 

If you are interested in buying an appliance or a large, expensive item it is best to do a little research before you spend a lot of money on something that you might not later use.

Bonus Tip!
It will be busy, keep calm and don’t wear too many layers as it is hot due to all the people and walking around. Furthermore, large groups are difficult to keep a track of – 2 or 3 people can be found a lot more easily when it is so busy

I hope that you have a look at the shows and consider going to one. I absolutely love them and I am never bored. James Martin has been to every Good Food Show (that’s 20 years worth) and if you are a foodie, that’s surely sign enough that you will love it too!?

If you have ever been to one of these shows I’d love to know what you think of them, have you got any more tips? Let me know

I'm Back!

I want you back 
I want you back 
Yeah, I want you back for good..

To be honest I still have very few ideas of what to write at times, writers block you could say, but I have done so much! I’m looking through my photos now and basically I’m going to start recalling what I’ve been up to in the quite long time that I have been away, just for you
There have been a few highlights

  • I went to Norfolk on my first mini break in what seems to be forever
  • I visited Emily 
  • I have started my new job  
  • I saw my family at my Nain's 80th birthday party (PS. Nain is welsh for grandmother)
  • I made some cupcakes (WHOA!!)

So here we go – a quick round up of events (anyone thinking of Woody’s roundup from Toy Story right now? Just me? Ok)



I went to Norfolk
We went camping in a really thin tent
It rained… a lot (I know that the pictures don't show this, but trust me - it was soggy!)

No, to be honest it was actually quite fun. 
We did stay in a tent, which wasn’t the greatest, but it was only for a few days and it was really lovely waking up to the crisp air and morning sun.
However, we did decide to venture out one day and on arrival found the remnants of hail on the ground and a flooded tent – needless to say it was particularly cold that evening!

We went to Cromer, Sherringham and Great Yarmouth. 

I desperately searched for a Cromer crab charm either loose or on a necklace, but couldn’t find one anywhere! So, we gave up that struggle, but in the end later on in the week I found this lovely necklace and it reminds me of our holiday. This is from a small shop in Southwold called gone crabbing, which we visited later on in the week. We also got lost in the maize maze there – I would have seriously been lost without my trusty map reader!

At Sherringham they serve the biggest Mr Whippy ice-creams ever!

Sherringham was quite lovely. A little quintessential British seaside town full of nothing but ice cream shops, chips and gift shops tucked into little corners. Supposedly it is most famous for its train station, but we somehow missed it…

Great Yarmouth was amazing! Well, maybe not amazing. My mum calls Great Yarmouth a poor man’s Blackpool, but we love places like that. The arcades, the beach, the donkeys and ice cream – what can go wrong?
I Visited Emily 

Emily is one of a kind, the nicest person you will ever meet and one of my bestest friends – lucky me! Also she does faces like this and when she reads this she will kill me, but it's just hilarious


I had a few days off before I started work so I decided to jump at the opportunity to go and see her. Now, I was a little silly because I didn’t really plan this, I literally rang her and ended up going the next morning. I can safely say that I do not like the M25, but I did like seeing her face, the new house (which has horses next to it, squee!) all of her animals (including my favourite, Sasquatch, a really cute guinea pig that we saw and persuaded Chris to get alongside a very fluffy Winnifred).
I had a splendid time, but for some reason didn’t take many photos – I guess I’ll just have to visit them again

Also, EMILY HAS NEW KITTENS!!!!! I mean c'mon. I'm so gonna visit again now!

I Have Started my New Job 

I have said this loads of times so I’ll keep it brief, but if you didn’t know I have a new job!

I absolutely love it. I can’t tell you much about it in terms of who I work with, but it is all to do with digital marketing and that is one of the paths that I have always always always wanted to go down so I am ecstatic!
There, I shall say no more on the matter :) 


If you're interested, this is what I wore to the interview :)

My Nain is 80! 


She will kill me for putting this on here, but a weekend or two ago I went to this beautiful hotel in Shropshire and me and a lot of my family had a delicious meal together before drinking and partying the night away. 

My Nain only made it till about 10.30pm, but we don’t blame her. She did have church the next day after all ;) 

Here is the meal that I ate:
Salmon fishcakes with dressed salad for starter

I then had rump steak covered in brandy and peppercorn sauce with chunky chips and a vegetable parcel 

And to finish I had a  chocolate cup filled with Turkish delight and white chocolate mousse served with red currants 

Coffee and dark chocolate truffles... YUM

It truly was delicious and lovely to see everyone at a happy occasion as opposed to a funeral - anyone else just meet up for weddings and funerals or just us? 

 What I wore...
And on the subject of food...

I Made Some Cupcakes

Ok, so this might not be the greatest of feats but I made them up myself and they turned out ok so I was really, really happy with them.

They are white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes with a vanilla butter-cream. 

Here is a brief recipe

8oz of butter, sugar, eggs and flour – 1 tsp vanilla extract – 85g bag of white chocolate buttons 

Cream together the butter and sugar with the vanilla. Whisk for as long as possible until very fluffy and almost white (minimum of 5 mins) 

Add in the eggs one at a time, whisking until fully incorporated

Stop whisking and gently fold in the flour 

Once basic mix is finished stir in roughly chopped chocolate

For the middle you can make some jam – like I attempted but to be honest it was more successful just adding a whole raspberry to the middle. 

Top with butter-cream which is equal amounts of butter, icing sugar and a tsp of vanilla 
Just whisk until really creamy and add more or less sugar depending on your preference. 

Top with a giant white chocolate button and a fresh raspberry

Makes 12 large (muffin size) cupcakes


I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I will see you soon – a lot sooner than before!


Jewellery Designer? Me?

Just a note...

I've recently been SUPER busy so sorry I've abandoned you all.
But, exciting news!
I have a new job - in digital marketing no less - and I get an hour lunch - just imagine all the list making, blog writing and food eating I could do! And, hopefully, my job will consist of Facebook stalking and browsing Pinterest. Ok, maybe not, but one can dream.

So, back to the post.

I've recently been making a few pieces of jewellery, which you can have a gander at here. I haven't had too much time so I only get a few pieces done, but I am really excited about how they turned out and cannot wait to get a few more creative juices flowing (ooh er) and make make make.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention - stay tuned because I will soon be taking part in a new Facebook giveaway with loads of businesses in a massive giveaway so stay tuned for more information about that in a post coming soon :)

Here is one of my favourite pieces. A pair of really cute kite earrings. Imagine wearing them at a picnic or for a day at the beach with a simple white dress. Perfect!

In another post I can show you how to make them too if you like? It's dead simple and they'll make a perfect gift for celebrations happening during the summer! What do you think?

Anyway, hope you are all well and see you all again soon.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work I Go

Hi Everyone!

If you didn't know - I have a new job. I am so excited! I've mentioned it before, but the position is within digital marketing, helping people reach their target audiences via different internet mediums. I'm finally on a career ladder and again I really really really really really... (you get the idea) cannot wait!


There is one thing that I am not excited about...


What on Earth do you wear to work?

The experience I have (in terms of work wear) is extremely limited.
I have worn all black as a waitress - I'm pretty sure that this is just a go to colour to reduce washing and to stop making you looking really grubby. It definitely helps hide food stains and water from washing up anyway.

I then wore black jeans and a top, which was too tight, along with too much makeup and big hair in order to get tips whilst working at a bar. I was desperate for money ok!? And it worked

I now just wear uniform.

In a previous link, which is here, I've clearly stated my hatred for said uniform, but now, this safe option, this comfy, this if I put on 7 stone in a day option has gone. I do not know what to do.

Is it acceptable to wear jeans on a Friday?
Can I wear smart jeans all week?
What about patterned trousers?
Do I go smart casual, formal, posh...


But, here are a few ideas that I'm going to try.

The dress and cardi combo
A fancy blouse and slim black trousers
Peplum and pencil skirt
...and that is it
...very boring and not what I want to portray to my new all male team

I will post my outfits on here and do a work week wardrobe vlog post to give others who may have this problem some very lovely advice and ideas as I start to grow my work wardrobe knowledge and the etiquette that comes with it, but for now I will be panicking and grabbing as many magazines as possible for some much needed inspiration!

If you guys have any ideas, please let me know!

Hairspiration: Nature

 Hi Everyone!

I've been loving the Summer so far.

Everything seems better when the sun is shining and I thought that I would try and create a few hair accessories to jazz up my hair when it's up and off my shoulders to help me cool down in my sticky office! All I'm missing is a bit of inspiration, but I think it has been hitting me in the face...nature!

It's beautiful, flowing, vibrant, fun and just lovely. If I can craft something that looks pretty, feminine and inspired by nature I'm pretty sure I'll be on for a winner.

Here are a few ideas to get some ideas flowing.

See you soon with a related crafty post!

PS. All pictures by me - hope you like them! 

Fashion Blunders!

Hi Everyone!

I used to be bullied. (This is a miserable start, but it soon picks up...)

Yeh, I know, loads of people get bullied, but before you say anything, no I am not looking for any sympathy.
I was asking for it.
Especially when it came down to what I was wearing - I didn't exactly do myself any favours.

No, it wasn't nice being bullied and yes, wear whatever you like, but look different and weird and be prepared for people to say something.
Guess what?
If it does happen, you'll survive and more importantly, learn a lot.

So, to my bully causing fashion blunders. 

Outfit 1 - Pink Pyjamas

Ok, so no, I didn't actually wear my PJs... I'm not an idiot! But, I did decide to wear wide leg, flared, cotton fabric, baby pink trousers, which looked a lot like pajamas and I loved them. However, I was a fat child and they didn't fit. I don't remember what top I'd wear with them but c'mon, what would a fat kid wear with flares that were too tight.  This was one of my favourite outfits and I was gutted when the seam down the middle of the trousers split apart. Gutted. No more would I be bullied for wearing these ridiculous trousers, but no more would I wear them, my favourite item of clothing.

Outfit 2 - A More Recent Addition 

I hate being cold. Like really hate being cold.
I'm always out and about in the wrong clothing choices and never learn that the british weather is so fickle. So if I'm stuck in the rain I will always pop into a shop, charity, vintage, designer - doesn't matter - and buy a cardi or a coat - anything that will warm me up!

Now, I've established that I like cardis, coats and jumpers. Oh, I also love shopping with my nan... I'm telling you I am seriously the coolest person I know.
Anyway, back to my blunder.
I once bought a grey fleece with toggles. Plastic, grey toggles. My nan also owns the same one in purple and we usually find ourselves wearing them together (...seriously, the coolest). I don't get bullied anymore about things like this - to be honest I choose my friends wisely and tell people where to go if I have to but my Mum, I cant say a bad word about her. Yet, she can say what she wants about me and I must admit that (regarding my clothing choices) she often asks how I have friends, let alone a boyfriend... so thanks Mum. :)

I could go on and on and on about all the mistakes I have made, but I love fashion now even though I do still make stupid choices and follow trends even if they are not my style. I just want people to know that you can wear what you want. If you get bullied, maybe it's because you are wearing pink flares that make you feel brilliant. Maybe its because you're smokin hot and they are jealous. Who knows? Who cares?
Be yourself and don't change for anyone... please.

Things I Hate!

Today I'm just going to do a ranty blog on a few things that my mum and I decided we hated when we were sat chatting on the beach.

 Here we go!

1.When apple skin gets stuck in your teeth
Don't you just hate that! You eat an apple because it's one of your 5 a day and then it goes and attacks your mouth and nestles in between your teeth... not cool apple, not cool.

2. When people think it's acceptable to show boobs or little boy's willys on the beach
I do not wanna see that... especially the latter. I do not want to think that I cannot look at the view without people thinking that I am a weirdo. Seriously, put it away! As for little boys... one, think of the sun burn that could happen and two, if you want your little bundle of joy to be naked, let him run free in private, you know like in your garden.

3. Annoying sun sheen in the car and when you nearly hit cyclists
Now a more serious note. As well as being just darn right annoying, this is also really really dangerous and if anyone knows of how to fix this - yes stop the sun from setting right as I'm leaving work, that would be much appreciated...
 PS. I'm not going into a rant about how cyclist should or shouldn't be on the road - I want this to be light hearted and a bit of fun... if you're looking for anger inducing blogs please go elsewhere :)

4. When warm drinks are put in the fridge at the front so you have to reach back and grab the cold ones
ARRRARARAGHHHHGGGGGH! This really annoys me! Like really. A, why would you top up drinks at lunch time anyway because believe it or not people are likely to keep wanting drinks so you'll just have to top it up again and B, if you are going to top up drinks at ridiculous times create a system so its easier to rotate stock or just make the fridge colder so drinks cool quicker. Also I have massive hands so when I grab a drink from the back, yes, I am going to knock them all off, but am I going to pick them up? No, no I am not... you shouldn't have warm ones at the front in the first place...

5. When in a whole bag of satsumas there's always a mushy one. Why do they put it in?!
Ok, so this is my Mum's contribution. She says that every time she buys satsumas there is always one mouldy mushy one in there... I just told her not to buy a bag with a mouldy one in...

6. When you try the grapes around a supermarket - it's just stealing!
From satsumas we then went on to other fruits... well grapes and not that I am dobbing on my Mum or anything but she is a person that 'tries' the grapes before buying the bag. I am not cool with this. Why is it acceptable to try grapes? We don't do it with any other fruit!! We don't go round eating an apple from a tray to see if the lot are ok, or open a punnet of strawberries so why grapes????

7. When you buy presents abroad, but you then find them at home cheaper
This happened to me quite recently. I bought some different drinks from Finland because me and my boyfriend love going to weird stores and looking in the foreign aisle in supermarkets for American chocolate and foods that we've never seen or heard of so anyway, in Finland they had some different flavour Fanta and these Angry Birds canned drinks which had names like Space so they sounded really cool and like they would make you hyper. I would also like to add in here that these drinks cost me a bit of money and low and behold a few weeks after I come back I head into Tesco and see the exact same drinks in store... for not a lot of money... sad face

8. The crazy choice of knickers
Not gonna say much about this one, there's just too many choices of underwear. I think we should have sections in stores, like time of the month pants, I'm feeling sexy pants , I'm wearing inappropriately tight/white trouser pants and there you go! Sorted.

9. Toiletries with screw tops
Need I say more?

10. Sales that say 75% off and hardly anything has that amount off.
A. I'm not made of money
B. I love a bargain
C. Here's a new rule: if you say there is a sale with up to 75%... at least 50% must be reduced by 75% - deal? OK thanks :)

Do any of these things annoy you???

Make It Monday!

Hi Everyone!

Today, I am going to a quick Make-It Monday post.


I know, I know... where is Make Up Monday you say? Well never fear because there shall be a makeup post in my YouTube channel up tomorrow :)

Aren't you guys lucky?

So anyway, here is my little post about my day and most excitingly my Make It Monday project.

I haven't had a day off in ages, hence my lack of posts and videos :( but today I had a glorious break from working and as a bonus it was a stunning day!

To start, I woke up at 1030ish and felt amazing (also this was a marked improvement on my last day off where I wasted it and stayed in bed until about 230pm, but I'm over it now...)

To start we went to get some geriniams to plant as our pansies have died and had a walk round some charity shops... loved it!

I then decided to have a look round a quilters shop for inspiration for a little project I have and have now done today :)

And finally went swimming, which I haven't done in ages - and I didn't forget how to swim either!

So here is the main part of this blog. My Make It Monday.

My Cute Hair/Brooch/Necklace/Ring Fabric Flowers. 

Step 1. Cut out 5 circles of pretty light weight fabric (I just traced around the middle of a sellotape ring)

 Step 2. These circles need to be folded in half and pressed into little moons

Step 3. Fold the moons in half again to make quarters and press.

You should have 5 slices of pie that look like this!

 Step 4. Grab some thread and do a running stitch (not too close and not too far apart) along the curved part of the 'petal'

Step 5. Gently scrunch it all together by pulling on the thread and you should see your flower begin to form.

Step 6. Sew the 2 end petals together so a complete flower is made and squish it about and make it look pretty

Step 7. Choose a pretty button or similar little extra to plonk in the middle and cover up all the messy thread. You can sew it or glue it, which ever is easier

And there you have it!

A lovely flower which you can add a pin to to make in to a brooch or a hair slide for a lovely hair accessory... the possibilities are endless.

I hope that you enjoy making these really easy pretty accessories and I would love to hear what you think!

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