Jewellery Designer? Me?


Just a note...

I've recently been SUPER busy so sorry I've abandoned you all.
But, exciting news!
I have a new job - in digital marketing no less - and I get an hour lunch - just imagine all the list making, blog writing and food eating I could do! And, hopefully, my job will consist of Facebook stalking and browsing Pinterest. Ok, maybe not, but one can dream.

So, back to the post.

I've recently been making a few pieces of jewellery, which you can have a gander at here. I haven't had too much time so I only get a few pieces done, but I am really excited about how they turned out and cannot wait to get a few more creative juices flowing (ooh er) and make make make.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention - stay tuned because I will soon be taking part in a new Facebook giveaway with loads of businesses in a massive giveaway so stay tuned for more information about that in a post coming soon :)

Here is one of my favourite pieces. A pair of really cute kite earrings. Imagine wearing them at a picnic or for a day at the beach with a simple white dress. Perfect!

In another post I can show you how to make them too if you like? It's dead simple and they'll make a perfect gift for celebrations happening during the summer! What do you think?

Anyway, hope you are all well and see you all again soon.

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