What I Have to Wear to Work

Hi Everyone!

Ok, I get it. I have to wear a uniform. I'm used to this now and to be honest I don't mind. I get up, know what I'm going to wear so get dressed and go. But, do I style my hair? No. Put on my makeup? No. And do you know why? It's because no matter how much effort I put in, I will never, and yes I mean NEVER, look good in this uniform!

Personally I think that McDonald's workers have a sexier, better fitting uniform than myself. I wear a three sizes too big, magicians collar, short sleeved shirt in see through white for one. I then have wide legged navy blue trousers, which I had to turn up to stop me tipping over 24/7, but it's awkward material and now when I walk little glimmers of my socks appear and I do not wear conservative socks! So yeh, that's it. That is my very flattering uniform indeed. Oh wait - there's more. Well, not for me, but this might be coming my way (exciting times) and consists of a lovely red fleecy cardigan as well as a long scarf tie thing in bright red and navy blue. Basically the look they are going for is disheveled trolley dolly.

So, what do I want to wear to work? Well, if I could I'd probably wear nothing, but I know for sure that the rather affluent older generations of Southwold would not be pleased about this. So if I HAD to wear clothes - in Summer, how about a little navy shift dress? Add some cute beige ballet pumps with a navy blue bow and now wouldn't that be nice? You could even have a couple of pockets on the waist or carry on with the trolley dolly look and have a scarf - that would be perfect.
As for Winter, ideally PJs, but c'mon. How about some cigar pants and a fitted blouse? Maybe in maroon and black. Or a slim, tight fitting pencil skirt with a black or cream fuzzy jumper. Just a couple of ideas that are fashionable and easy to put together.

I don't know if anyone likes the uniform that they have to wear? Maybe nurses outfits and firefighters have the pick of the crop, but I'll have to stick to my navy and red rather large and not very sexy number for a while!

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Victoria x

My Not Too Bad Day

Hi Everyone!

I woke up this morning and to be very truthfully honest I could not be bothered with work at all! I have had two rather lovely days off and working on this Saturday really didn't take my fancy.

But wait...

It was awesome!
 Yes I am working on a Saturday, but its Saturday the 28th and this means that the first Southwold arts festival is currently being held while it is very rainy at home, according to my mum. So overall - happy days :)

So far I have had a look round the stalls and saw some jewellery, but the stuff I make is obviously 10x better ;)
The samba dancers went past and I must admit I was bobbing along in my office chair - no one came in thankfully
As for the street, it is full of happy smiley people but more importantly it was lunch time and lots of tasty treats were on offer - I chose a big square of cake, not dissimilar to the icing cake served at school - my favourite!
So yeh, I ate it. Whilst it was good at the time, I now regret it, but as for coming into work - I'm glad I'm here too.
Also just to brighten up my day a bit more the local choir is practicing right outside the office -  and they are good!
So yeh, basically if you are having a bad day, don't worry, getting out of bed might be the best thing you do today, but it might turn out not too bad

Victoria x

Why I Hate My Glasses!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - I've been really really really busy, but hopefully you will forgive me and now I shall catch up with the few days that I have missed!
So I've done a post on YouTube as to why I hate my glasses but it's not very in depth and was just a bit of fun to mix up my channel a little bit -  exciting eh?!

So, I'll cover a few point I put in that post but I'll probably think of a few more as I'm writing this... if you're lucky

1. Makeup + Glasses = Problem
For one when I take my glasses off, believe it or not, I cannot see - shock horror. So, I always have really bad foundation and get that rather annoying year 10 orange line along my jaw - In fact, my mum usually checks my makeup before I leave the house... I'm 22!

2. Dirty Glasses
My glasses always get dirty. It always looks like I'm in dense fog to be honest and I constantly get remarks like "How can you see?" or "Why don't you clean your glasses?" And d'you know what?! I'm wearing my glasses to help me see and dirty glasses are still improving my vision compared to if I had no glasses at all. Secondly, I do clean my glasses - everyday in fact. I even wear them in the shower and clean them with warm soapy water. They probably get dirty because my face gets a little bit sweaty and makeup comes off oh but mostly because people ask, "can I try on your glasses?" !!!

3. Swimming
As mentioned before, I cannot see without my glasses. I can see with contact lenses in, but you cannot get those wet - well I can't, they fall out :( so swimming is a no go, unless I want to look like my nan stretching her head above the water trying not to get her perm wet. Not a good look.

4. Cooking
I love cooking - people usually do it everyday, but name a chef with glasses (ok, so I realise that there probably is a chef with glasses but I can't think of one therefore my argument is set in stone and 100% true!) See, there isn't one - and I think I know why - because when you are in a hot kitchen, or go on holiday and go in an ice hotel, or into a sauna, or go running in the rain - guess what?! what you say? yes, your glasses steam up and you cannot see a thing - glasses = stupid

5. I Wanna Wear Sunglasses!
Yes, I know you can get prescription sunglasses, but I have had these in the past and I didn't like having to take 2 pairs of glasses around everywhere with me - I also sometimes just took my sunglasses out and about, but as many of you may know the beautiful English weather is subject to change - being out in the rain with sunglasses on, well it's weird and basically just makes you look blind...

So yeh, there we have it - a few reasons as to why I don't like my glasses. I'm sorry it's a bit ranty, but hey, I'm in a ranty mood
Also, I will soon be having an eye test and contacts will be ordered very very very very very... promptly!

Thanks for reading guys!

Victoria x

What I Got Free in My Magazines!

Hi Everyone!

So this month I bought some magazines and I always always always buy them, but luckily this month they also came with loads of free stuff so happy days!!
I thought I'd just do a quick review on the stuff and tell you all about the items because I honestly think that getting the magazines for the products is a good enough excuse in itself!!

Free Stuff!

So, the magazines.
I bought Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. Also, last week or two ago I bought my favourite magazine, Company, which also came with some free stuff... yay!

And now the exciting bit - the free stuff!

I'm not sure which free bits and bobs came with which magazine - I was an idiot and got all excited and ripped everything open and then decided to write this, but I don't remember what came with what 100% so you'll just have to buy all the magazines... any excuse eh!?
Right, I'll stop rambling.

I got these really cool sunglasses and I chose the funky cat eye style that was available - there was 3 different types, black cat eye, like the ones I have, some classic aviators and a tortoise shell one too I think, but yeh, I chose the classic style one because I thought they would suit my face more and go with more of my outfits. Also, I know these are from Cosmo and they also come with some strawberry Mentos! I haven't had these yet though, but I know they'll be good.
I know I look like a dork, but check out them funky earrings!

I was, well actually am, really excited about the next two products. One is a mini nail varnish and caviar set from Ciaté. I have used caviar beads before, but only ones from Poundland, which were actually really good and a good place to start just for trying the trend. The pack I got from there only cost a pound (obviously) and it came with a rainbow of different colours. Anyway, I think it was Marie Claire that comes with a twin set of 6 colours in this caviar and varnish set. I chose the muted purple colour, but I really wanted the sparkly party purple, but they didn't have it :( Anyway, this set it worth £10! and 6 different colours are available so I am so tempted to go out and find each set! They'd make such a nice gift too and they come in a little plastic box so they would be so easy to wrap!
So cute, so purple

Also, (I think) Glamour came with an Eyeko London skinny black eyeliner (blue is also available) and I've had this before and it is so so so good - especially for getting a really sharp flick and thin lines on the top of your lid - this is a more expensive eye liner if you were to buy it, but a cheap option that is also really good and what I usually use is just a Boots natural collection eyeliner!

Oh, I almost forgot - Company magazine also came with a duo of mini spring/summer colour nail varnishes - I got the nude pink and the bright blue combo and although I wouldn't wear them together they are great for nail art and the pink is more of a daily colour and the blue would be great for festivals, holidays and party nails, so if its still available I would really recommend those as well.

Right I'm going to go now! I think I've written enough and I hope that you are inspired to go and get some goodies from your favourite magazines!!
Thanks guys, see you soon :)

Victoria x

Meet Bogden!

Hi Everyone!

So earlier I tried to show the world Bogden on YouTube, but it didn't really work because he was all sleepy and cute in his tunnel all surrounded by sawdust. So, I've tried to capture a few more photos of him so you can actually see him in all his cuteness!


Victoria x

Just chilling in his wheel
Eating his tipi house... He doesn't do this anymore

Hello :)
Bogden Fact File: 

Name: Bogden (aka Baby Bogden or just Bog)
Age: Unknown - he's just little
Birthday: Unknown - however, I bought him as a celebration present for getting a job and I sell cakes on the side and some of the money from that went on buying him and it's been one of the best decisions ever!!
Home: In my bedroom, but sometimes he smells :(
Favourite food: Peanuts, grapes and the yellow cornflake things out of hamster food
Worst food: Chocolate treat drops (that was a waste of money!!) and the green cornflake things out of hamster food

Sometimes he sleeps with his feet in the air - as you do

I'm starting to hold him now!!


Hello Everyone!

This is Me... Upside down and being cool

So I thought I would just do a quick post introducing myself actually and after this I'll do a quick 25 facts about me on YouTube so that you can get to know me a little better :)


Here's a link to my channel if anyone is interested... hopefully it works anyway

I have finished my degree in Psychology and now I have two jobs, but they are not my calling in life and I cannot emerge myself in my true love, which is all things fashion. So, I then decided recently to set up a whole range of social media dedicated to fashion, beauty, jewellery and so far I am loving it!

Hopefully you'll have a look at my work and I really do hope you enjoy it but for now this was just a little introduction and if you have any questions that you want me to answer feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Thanks a lot and see you soon!

Victoria x
Crazy Grapes

PS. sorry about the lack of design at the moment, this is literally only just being set up so improvements will be coming soon - I promise! :)

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