Why I Hate My Glasses!


Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - I've been really really really busy, but hopefully you will forgive me and now I shall catch up with the few days that I have missed!
So I've done a post on YouTube as to why I hate my glasses but it's not very in depth and was just a bit of fun to mix up my channel a little bit -  exciting eh?!

So, I'll cover a few point I put in that post but I'll probably think of a few more as I'm writing this... if you're lucky

1. Makeup + Glasses = Problem
For one when I take my glasses off, believe it or not, I cannot see - shock horror. So, I always have really bad foundation and get that rather annoying year 10 orange line along my jaw - In fact, my mum usually checks my makeup before I leave the house... I'm 22!

2. Dirty Glasses
My glasses always get dirty. It always looks like I'm in dense fog to be honest and I constantly get remarks like "How can you see?" or "Why don't you clean your glasses?" And d'you know what?! I'm wearing my glasses to help me see and dirty glasses are still improving my vision compared to if I had no glasses at all. Secondly, I do clean my glasses - everyday in fact. I even wear them in the shower and clean them with warm soapy water. They probably get dirty because my face gets a little bit sweaty and makeup comes off oh but mostly because people ask, "can I try on your glasses?" !!!

3. Swimming
As mentioned before, I cannot see without my glasses. I can see with contact lenses in, but you cannot get those wet - well I can't, they fall out :( so swimming is a no go, unless I want to look like my nan stretching her head above the water trying not to get her perm wet. Not a good look.

4. Cooking
I love cooking - people usually do it everyday, but name a chef with glasses (ok, so I realise that there probably is a chef with glasses but I can't think of one therefore my argument is set in stone and 100% true!) See, there isn't one - and I think I know why - because when you are in a hot kitchen, or go on holiday and go in an ice hotel, or into a sauna, or go running in the rain - guess what?! what you say? yes, your glasses steam up and you cannot see a thing - glasses = stupid

5. I Wanna Wear Sunglasses!
Yes, I know you can get prescription sunglasses, but I have had these in the past and I didn't like having to take 2 pairs of glasses around everywhere with me - I also sometimes just took my sunglasses out and about, but as many of you may know the beautiful English weather is subject to change - being out in the rain with sunglasses on, well it's weird and basically just makes you look blind...

So yeh, there we have it - a few reasons as to why I don't like my glasses. I'm sorry it's a bit ranty, but hey, I'm in a ranty mood
Also, I will soon be having an eye test and contacts will be ordered very very very very very... promptly!

Thanks for reading guys!

Victoria x

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