My Not Too Bad Day


Hi Everyone!

I woke up this morning and to be very truthfully honest I could not be bothered with work at all! I have had two rather lovely days off and working on this Saturday really didn't take my fancy.

But wait...

It was awesome!
 Yes I am working on a Saturday, but its Saturday the 28th and this means that the first Southwold arts festival is currently being held while it is very rainy at home, according to my mum. So overall - happy days :)

So far I have had a look round the stalls and saw some jewellery, but the stuff I make is obviously 10x better ;)
The samba dancers went past and I must admit I was bobbing along in my office chair - no one came in thankfully
As for the street, it is full of happy smiley people but more importantly it was lunch time and lots of tasty treats were on offer - I chose a big square of cake, not dissimilar to the icing cake served at school - my favourite!
So yeh, I ate it. Whilst it was good at the time, I now regret it, but as for coming into work - I'm glad I'm here too.
Also just to brighten up my day a bit more the local choir is practicing right outside the office -  and they are good!
So yeh, basically if you are having a bad day, don't worry, getting out of bed might be the best thing you do today, but it might turn out not too bad

Victoria x

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