Things I Hate!

Today I'm just going to do a ranty blog on a few things that my mum and I decided we hated when we were sat chatting on the beach.

 Here we go!

1.When apple skin gets stuck in your teeth
Don't you just hate that! You eat an apple because it's one of your 5 a day and then it goes and attacks your mouth and nestles in between your teeth... not cool apple, not cool.

2. When people think it's acceptable to show boobs or little boy's willys on the beach
I do not wanna see that... especially the latter. I do not want to think that I cannot look at the view without people thinking that I am a weirdo. Seriously, put it away! As for little boys... one, think of the sun burn that could happen and two, if you want your little bundle of joy to be naked, let him run free in private, you know like in your garden.

3. Annoying sun sheen in the car and when you nearly hit cyclists
Now a more serious note. As well as being just darn right annoying, this is also really really dangerous and if anyone knows of how to fix this - yes stop the sun from setting right as I'm leaving work, that would be much appreciated...
 PS. I'm not going into a rant about how cyclist should or shouldn't be on the road - I want this to be light hearted and a bit of fun... if you're looking for anger inducing blogs please go elsewhere :)

4. When warm drinks are put in the fridge at the front so you have to reach back and grab the cold ones
ARRRARARAGHHHHGGGGGH! This really annoys me! Like really. A, why would you top up drinks at lunch time anyway because believe it or not people are likely to keep wanting drinks so you'll just have to top it up again and B, if you are going to top up drinks at ridiculous times create a system so its easier to rotate stock or just make the fridge colder so drinks cool quicker. Also I have massive hands so when I grab a drink from the back, yes, I am going to knock them all off, but am I going to pick them up? No, no I am not... you shouldn't have warm ones at the front in the first place...

5. When in a whole bag of satsumas there's always a mushy one. Why do they put it in?!
Ok, so this is my Mum's contribution. She says that every time she buys satsumas there is always one mouldy mushy one in there... I just told her not to buy a bag with a mouldy one in...

6. When you try the grapes around a supermarket - it's just stealing!
From satsumas we then went on to other fruits... well grapes and not that I am dobbing on my Mum or anything but she is a person that 'tries' the grapes before buying the bag. I am not cool with this. Why is it acceptable to try grapes? We don't do it with any other fruit!! We don't go round eating an apple from a tray to see if the lot are ok, or open a punnet of strawberries so why grapes????

7. When you buy presents abroad, but you then find them at home cheaper
This happened to me quite recently. I bought some different drinks from Finland because me and my boyfriend love going to weird stores and looking in the foreign aisle in supermarkets for American chocolate and foods that we've never seen or heard of so anyway, in Finland they had some different flavour Fanta and these Angry Birds canned drinks which had names like Space so they sounded really cool and like they would make you hyper. I would also like to add in here that these drinks cost me a bit of money and low and behold a few weeks after I come back I head into Tesco and see the exact same drinks in store... for not a lot of money... sad face

8. The crazy choice of knickers
Not gonna say much about this one, there's just too many choices of underwear. I think we should have sections in stores, like time of the month pants, I'm feeling sexy pants , I'm wearing inappropriately tight/white trouser pants and there you go! Sorted.

9. Toiletries with screw tops
Need I say more?

10. Sales that say 75% off and hardly anything has that amount off.
A. I'm not made of money
B. I love a bargain
C. Here's a new rule: if you say there is a sale with up to 75%... at least 50% must be reduced by 75% - deal? OK thanks :)

Do any of these things annoy you???

Make It Monday!

Hi Everyone!

Today, I am going to a quick Make-It Monday post.


I know, I know... where is Make Up Monday you say? Well never fear because there shall be a makeup post in my YouTube channel up tomorrow :)

Aren't you guys lucky?

So anyway, here is my little post about my day and most excitingly my Make It Monday project.

I haven't had a day off in ages, hence my lack of posts and videos :( but today I had a glorious break from working and as a bonus it was a stunning day!

To start, I woke up at 1030ish and felt amazing (also this was a marked improvement on my last day off where I wasted it and stayed in bed until about 230pm, but I'm over it now...)

To start we went to get some geriniams to plant as our pansies have died and had a walk round some charity shops... loved it!

I then decided to have a look round a quilters shop for inspiration for a little project I have and have now done today :)

And finally went swimming, which I haven't done in ages - and I didn't forget how to swim either!

So here is the main part of this blog. My Make It Monday.

My Cute Hair/Brooch/Necklace/Ring Fabric Flowers. 

Step 1. Cut out 5 circles of pretty light weight fabric (I just traced around the middle of a sellotape ring)

 Step 2. These circles need to be folded in half and pressed into little moons

Step 3. Fold the moons in half again to make quarters and press.

You should have 5 slices of pie that look like this!

 Step 4. Grab some thread and do a running stitch (not too close and not too far apart) along the curved part of the 'petal'

Step 5. Gently scrunch it all together by pulling on the thread and you should see your flower begin to form.

Step 6. Sew the 2 end petals together so a complete flower is made and squish it about and make it look pretty

Step 7. Choose a pretty button or similar little extra to plonk in the middle and cover up all the messy thread. You can sew it or glue it, which ever is easier

And there you have it!

A lovely flower which you can add a pin to to make in to a brooch or a hair slide for a lovely hair accessory... the possibilities are endless.

I hope that you enjoy making these really easy pretty accessories and I would love to hear what you think!

Product Review: Mardi Gras in White Out

I know I haven't been doing any posts recently, but my lovely boyfriend has been down and I've been SUPER busy.
Anyway, I'm back now and going to do a little product review for you guys.

I absolutely love nail varnish and nail art, so much so that its getting a little ridiculous - I have every colour in the rainbow and peruse pinterest and instagram for hours and hours collecting ideas although I only try designs when I can really be bothered.

Anyway, I was walking round tesco and I was bored so I started looking in the beauty isle. along with some natural source shower gel and a few pastel hair bobbles I also saw the limited edition mardi gras nail varnish in white out from collection and immediately wanted to try it. I think it was about £1.99 or £2.00, something like that and I love the white the most although there are other bright and extremely summery colours.

I've finally got round to trying it today and it took three coats to get a solid white coat but it looks really good. I wore it with a light pastel blue lace top and some jeans and laid back gold flip flops, but I cannot wait to wear all monochrome and really let the nails stand out against black.

I would really recommend this product for summer and for anyone who loves following trends (haha, I really think this will be popular, but we'll look back at our orange foundation stained nails and cringe in Winter) but I know I will probably use it for creating cute little daises on the pastel nail varnishes I bought the other week!

Overall, I love this product, but the main downside is that I can't help but think of the chavs in school that used to paint their nails white with tippex an act which ultimately got the piss-smelling product banned from our schools...

Anyway, I hope you like this product as much as me - Let me know if you have tried it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading :)

I'm Sorry Mr Costa

Dear Mr Costa...

To the lovely manager of Costa,

I must humbly apologise for my reaction to your 'hello' today, for as you know I went all coy, bright red and only muttered a mere squeak. I understand I made the situation more awkward by fumbling in my purse, keeping my head down, looking at the counter and most embarrassingly recoiling as I accidentally touched your hand when we both went to grab my dropped Costa card.

Now, you probably thought I had a serious coffee addiction due to my trembling hand and sweated brow, but I must insist that this is not the case. Infact, I will now take this note down a more serious route because all of this trembling and nervousness, to put it bluntly, is your fault.

You may remember me from the other day. For one, I am the girl that comes in all the time in a hideous, over-sized, unflattering uniform. But maybe more memorably it was an extremely warm day (the warmest so far) and I asked for a raspberry fondant fancy to take away after sitting in the sun trap at the back of your coffee shop. So far there is nothing out of the ordinary, except one vital point. If you remember, Mr Costa, for some reason you gave said fancy to me for free, free Mr Costa.
From this point on, I fell in love.

...The white chocolate covering like your blonde and highlighted head of hair.
...The pink decoration embossed on the cake like your tattoo sleeve.
...The raspberry core like your kind hearted centre.

When we met today, you smiled and said hello like we were old friends and again I was so happy to see you although I was not impressed at my physical reactions. So, don't get me wrong Mr Costa, I am extremely grateful for your act last week, but I must let you know that my heart did not flutter for you this afternoon, but of the memory of that fine raspberry fondant. I must also insist that I do not want you to get too down heartened for I do love you, but to be honest if you give a fat girl free cake she'll love you forever.

Kindest Regards,

PS. See you on Thursday  - I'll have a latte.

Summer Beauty Products

Hi Everyone!

Here's a little post for you on a few items I recently got to try out on hot days in summer. Enjoy!

I thought I'd start with a really vital product for me. I use it all the time and it is perfect for sunburn or dry skin. It's Aloe Vera gel which you can get from Holland and Barrett and if you have sunburn just pop this on. It's really cool, feels really nice and in the morning after I used it my sunburn was so much better! 

 I also invested in some pretty nail varnishes. They are the Maybelline New York Super Stay nail varnishes, which mimic gel nails and they will hopefully last a week with no chipping, but I haven't got round to using them yet, but I seriously can't wait to feel all summery and girly.

I just included this next photo so you knew the colours, but it hasn't come out very well so I bought Pink in the Park, which is number 21 and Mint for Life, number 615

I also risked buying some new Natural Collection lipsticks, which I promised my self I would never buy again, but these are really nince colours and if you're really gentle with them and don't twist them up too high I found that they don't break as easily YAY! I decided to try out some new colour shades and that's why this collection is perfect because I think they're like £1.99 so if something doesn't suit you it's not the end of the world! These colours are Berry Blush and Coral Shimmer, which are perfect for summer.

 Makeup Makeup Makeup!

I also treated myself to another Maybelline product, which I thought would be perfect for really hot days when I might get a bit hotter and shinier, plus it's waterproof so for hot sticky days it is going to be perfect! This is in ivory and I've used it once, but it's already really grubby! Why would you have an orange-y product in white packaging?!?

Oh, yeh I completely forgot about this product, but I absolutely love it! I've used it just the once, but I know that this is going to be bought again and again. It's another Maybelline product and I swear that this was not meant to be all about them, but it's an under the eye concealer and it is so perfect. You twist the product onto the sponge at the end and then once it has come through you dab it under your eye and it blends really nicely and is just great.

So there we have it, just a few new products that I bought recently for Summer. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any other products that you cannot live without over the hotter days please let me know :)

Thanks for reading guys!

Victoria x

Room Tour

Hi Everyone!

I am going to film a room tour video today, but my battery is dead and/or my camera is broken because it didn't turn on so the battery is charged and dependent on the lighting  I may film today or tomorrow.

Anyway, I wanted to show you a few of my favourite things in my room!

I'm so excited!
Right so my room is mostly this light olive green and I have cream painted oak furniture so there is this country kitchen style mix of old and new which I absolutely love. I was lucky enough to choose what furniture I wanted in my room and the colours and everything so for me its perfect!

 I had so much jewellery stuck in my drawers so I decided to grab an old canvas and display some accessories so I could easily grab something to jazz up an outfit just before I'm leaving. There was also a gap on my wall so this was perfect for filling a space.

 My sister lives in Australia and she sent me this authentic boomerang for my birthday. It's so beautiful and these quirky items in my room make it a bit more personal. I recently threw away loads of extra bits and pieces that just cluttered the space, but some of the more sentimental and odd pieces just had to stay!
This owl is from London and he is made out of rubbish :)

A beautiful handmade box I found in a charity shop of all places

 This is my favourite arty piece in my room - I bought it recently from a interior design store for a fiver in the sale! I love this steam punk circus type style and I just love it

So, there's a little glimpse into my room. Have a little glance at my YouTube channel ( for a full room tour if you fancy seeing a bit more or grabbing a few more ideas if you are decorating your room. I'd also love to see any of your ideas so post a comment if you fancy :)

Thanks for reading guys

Victoria x

Listerine Foot Spa!?

Hi Everyone!

So if you didn't know I am obsessed with Pinterest... OBSESSED! Ahem... sorry about that. But I do absolutely love it and even though I haven't tried anything that I have seen on there I thought it was about time that I did and that's why I am writing this :)

I've seen so many cool things on that pesky site that I will soon need for my room and some really tasty looking treats that will definately ruin my diet, but one thing that I saw recently is the Listerine foot spa mix.
Now I just happened to have a litre bottle of Listerine hanging around my bathroom (I bought it once, but I've now decided that it just burns my mouth and yes it does make me feel extra clean, but the pain is not worth it) so this is the first thing that I thought I'd try.

I can't remember the actually name of the pin, but the Listerine Foot Spa (which I will now refer to as the LFS) claims to make the dry skin on your feet just wipe away...

*SPOILER ALERT* doesn't. But, don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed experimenting and my feet are now rather quite soft even if they are also a little blue!

 To make the mix I added equal amounts of blue Listerine (I read that this was the best, but to be honest it was just what I had), vinegar (not gonna lie we used white wine vinegar because that's what we had, but I'm not really sure what you are meant to use - also vinegar makes it smell really gross!) and warm water, but I would've preferred hot water and then just dunk your feet in for 10mins or however long you want really - we watched some rubbish TV so I think I left my tootsies in for about 20 mins and then you're done! Your feet will be a little green and smell kinda fresh but after a little scrub and a once over with a pumice stone they were silky smooth :)

 This is what the mix looks like and as you can see I just used a washing up bowl to put it all in. Oh, I also only filled it up a little way so the mix just covered my soles and about a centimeter up my foot.

... sorry about being able to see my massive dinosaur feet!

So there you have it - If you've got some random Listerine about why not give this a go?

Thanks for reading!

Victoria x

Sunny Seaside Days

Hi Everyone!

Today my mum and I were lucky enough to be off on the hottest day of the year so far! How good is that?! So, because mum was feeling pretty rubbish and we had to go out or be really quiet because dad was in bed (he works nights, he's not just really lazy) we decided to go to the beach!

I wore my favourite maxi dress and posed in-front of onlookers... embarrassing!
These glasses are from cosmopoliton as you may know if you have seen one of my previous posts and I was so excited to wear sunglasses again after weeks and weeks and weeks of no contacts!

 These flip flops in the picture below are so comfy and I know they look all grubby on the soles and everything, but that just shows how much I love them. When you wear them though they look really quite posh and they're are a nice silvery gold colour, which goes with everything. Also, I don't know how well you can see in the picture, but there is a knot like twist just above the thong part of the shoe and this makes them that little bit more upmarket and makes them look way more expensive than they were... especially as I bought them in a sale!

My trustee go to flip flops

My maxi dress has this butterfly wing, abstract print - love!

I sat on the beach with this book, which is one of my favourite note books - yes I'm one of those stationary people (as in pencils and folders, not the really still meaning) and buying a cute notebook to put lists and ideas and doodles in makes me rather quite happy :) So, today, I wrote a load of new blog and video ideas down and even though I was quite content and chilling I was also being quite productive I think

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you all had a lovely day too :) 

Victoria x

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