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Hi Everyone!

I am going to film a room tour video today, but my battery is dead and/or my camera is broken because it didn't turn on so the battery is charged and dependent on the lighting  I may film today or tomorrow.

Anyway, I wanted to show you a few of my favourite things in my room!

I'm so excited!
Right so my room is mostly this light olive green and I have cream painted oak furniture so there is this country kitchen style mix of old and new which I absolutely love. I was lucky enough to choose what furniture I wanted in my room and the colours and everything so for me its perfect!

 I had so much jewellery stuck in my drawers so I decided to grab an old canvas and display some accessories so I could easily grab something to jazz up an outfit just before I'm leaving. There was also a gap on my wall so this was perfect for filling a space.

 My sister lives in Australia and she sent me this authentic boomerang for my birthday. It's so beautiful and these quirky items in my room make it a bit more personal. I recently threw away loads of extra bits and pieces that just cluttered the space, but some of the more sentimental and odd pieces just had to stay!
This owl is from London and he is made out of rubbish :)

A beautiful handmade box I found in a charity shop of all places

 This is my favourite arty piece in my room - I bought it recently from a interior design store for a fiver in the sale! I love this steam punk circus type style and I just love it

So, there's a little glimpse into my room. Have a little glance at my YouTube channel ( for a full room tour if you fancy seeing a bit more or grabbing a few more ideas if you are decorating your room. I'd also love to see any of your ideas so post a comment if you fancy :)

Thanks for reading guys

Victoria x

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