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Hi Everyone!

Here's a little post for you on a few items I recently got to try out on hot days in summer. Enjoy!

I thought I'd start with a really vital product for me. I use it all the time and it is perfect for sunburn or dry skin. It's Aloe Vera gel which you can get from Holland and Barrett and if you have sunburn just pop this on. It's really cool, feels really nice and in the morning after I used it my sunburn was so much better! 

 I also invested in some pretty nail varnishes. They are the Maybelline New York Super Stay nail varnishes, which mimic gel nails and they will hopefully last a week with no chipping, but I haven't got round to using them yet, but I seriously can't wait to feel all summery and girly.

I just included this next photo so you knew the colours, but it hasn't come out very well so I bought Pink in the Park, which is number 21 and Mint for Life, number 615

I also risked buying some new Natural Collection lipsticks, which I promised my self I would never buy again, but these are really nince colours and if you're really gentle with them and don't twist them up too high I found that they don't break as easily YAY! I decided to try out some new colour shades and that's why this collection is perfect because I think they're like £1.99 so if something doesn't suit you it's not the end of the world! These colours are Berry Blush and Coral Shimmer, which are perfect for summer.

 Makeup Makeup Makeup!

I also treated myself to another Maybelline product, which I thought would be perfect for really hot days when I might get a bit hotter and shinier, plus it's waterproof so for hot sticky days it is going to be perfect! This is in ivory and I've used it once, but it's already really grubby! Why would you have an orange-y product in white packaging?!?

Oh, yeh I completely forgot about this product, but I absolutely love it! I've used it just the once, but I know that this is going to be bought again and again. It's another Maybelline product and I swear that this was not meant to be all about them, but it's an under the eye concealer and it is so perfect. You twist the product onto the sponge at the end and then once it has come through you dab it under your eye and it blends really nicely and is just great.

So there we have it, just a few new products that I bought recently for Summer. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any other products that you cannot live without over the hotter days please let me know :)

Thanks for reading guys!

Victoria x

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