I'm Sorry Mr Costa


Dear Mr Costa...

To the lovely manager of Costa,

I must humbly apologise for my reaction to your 'hello' today, for as you know I went all coy, bright red and only muttered a mere squeak. I understand I made the situation more awkward by fumbling in my purse, keeping my head down, looking at the counter and most embarrassingly recoiling as I accidentally touched your hand when we both went to grab my dropped Costa card.

Now, you probably thought I had a serious coffee addiction due to my trembling hand and sweated brow, but I must insist that this is not the case. Infact, I will now take this note down a more serious route because all of this trembling and nervousness, to put it bluntly, is your fault.

You may remember me from the other day. For one, I am the girl that comes in all the time in a hideous, over-sized, unflattering uniform. But maybe more memorably it was an extremely warm day (the warmest so far) and I asked for a raspberry fondant fancy to take away after sitting in the sun trap at the back of your coffee shop. So far there is nothing out of the ordinary, except one vital point. If you remember, Mr Costa, for some reason you gave said fancy to me for free, free Mr Costa.
From this point on, I fell in love.

...The white chocolate covering like your blonde and highlighted head of hair.
...The pink decoration embossed on the cake like your tattoo sleeve.
...The raspberry core like your kind hearted centre.

When we met today, you smiled and said hello like we were old friends and again I was so happy to see you although I was not impressed at my physical reactions. So, don't get me wrong Mr Costa, I am extremely grateful for your act last week, but I must let you know that my heart did not flutter for you this afternoon, but of the memory of that fine raspberry fondant. I must also insist that I do not want you to get too down heartened for I do love you, but to be honest if you give a fat girl free cake she'll love you forever.

Kindest Regards,

PS. See you on Thursday  - I'll have a latte.

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