Product Review: Mardi Gras in White Out


I know I haven't been doing any posts recently, but my lovely boyfriend has been down and I've been SUPER busy.
Anyway, I'm back now and going to do a little product review for you guys.

I absolutely love nail varnish and nail art, so much so that its getting a little ridiculous - I have every colour in the rainbow and peruse pinterest and instagram for hours and hours collecting ideas although I only try designs when I can really be bothered.

Anyway, I was walking round tesco and I was bored so I started looking in the beauty isle. along with some natural source shower gel and a few pastel hair bobbles I also saw the limited edition mardi gras nail varnish in white out from collection and immediately wanted to try it. I think it was about £1.99 or £2.00, something like that and I love the white the most although there are other bright and extremely summery colours.

I've finally got round to trying it today and it took three coats to get a solid white coat but it looks really good. I wore it with a light pastel blue lace top and some jeans and laid back gold flip flops, but I cannot wait to wear all monochrome and really let the nails stand out against black.

I would really recommend this product for summer and for anyone who loves following trends (haha, I really think this will be popular, but we'll look back at our orange foundation stained nails and cringe in Winter) but I know I will probably use it for creating cute little daises on the pastel nail varnishes I bought the other week!

Overall, I love this product, but the main downside is that I can't help but think of the chavs in school that used to paint their nails white with tippex an act which ultimately got the piss-smelling product banned from our schools...

Anyway, I hope you like this product as much as me - Let me know if you have tried it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading :)

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