Make It Monday!


Hi Everyone!

Today, I am going to a quick Make-It Monday post.


I know, I know... where is Make Up Monday you say? Well never fear because there shall be a makeup post in my YouTube channel up tomorrow :)

Aren't you guys lucky?

So anyway, here is my little post about my day and most excitingly my Make It Monday project.

I haven't had a day off in ages, hence my lack of posts and videos :( but today I had a glorious break from working and as a bonus it was a stunning day!

To start, I woke up at 1030ish and felt amazing (also this was a marked improvement on my last day off where I wasted it and stayed in bed until about 230pm, but I'm over it now...)

To start we went to get some geriniams to plant as our pansies have died and had a walk round some charity shops... loved it!

I then decided to have a look round a quilters shop for inspiration for a little project I have and have now done today :)

And finally went swimming, which I haven't done in ages - and I didn't forget how to swim either!

So here is the main part of this blog. My Make It Monday.

My Cute Hair/Brooch/Necklace/Ring Fabric Flowers. 

Step 1. Cut out 5 circles of pretty light weight fabric (I just traced around the middle of a sellotape ring)

 Step 2. These circles need to be folded in half and pressed into little moons

Step 3. Fold the moons in half again to make quarters and press.

You should have 5 slices of pie that look like this!

 Step 4. Grab some thread and do a running stitch (not too close and not too far apart) along the curved part of the 'petal'

Step 5. Gently scrunch it all together by pulling on the thread and you should see your flower begin to form.

Step 6. Sew the 2 end petals together so a complete flower is made and squish it about and make it look pretty

Step 7. Choose a pretty button or similar little extra to plonk in the middle and cover up all the messy thread. You can sew it or glue it, which ever is easier

And there you have it!

A lovely flower which you can add a pin to to make in to a brooch or a hair slide for a lovely hair accessory... the possibilities are endless.

I hope that you enjoy making these really easy pretty accessories and I would love to hear what you think!

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