My Wind Down Wish List

Time to Wind Down 

I've been so tired recently. Not sleeping well and getting stuck into the last series of Breaking Bad (FINALLY) are doing nothing for the deep caverns under my as well as the constant yawning.
Because of this, I have decided tonight I will have an early night and here is my wind down wish list.

A home decor collage from May 2015 featuring cotton kimono robe, hydrating mask and face peel mask. Browse and shop related looks.

Bloggers constantly go on about a lush bath. I personally am not a fan of the vegan loving, over priced, headache inducing goods so for me, a simple bath with lavender oils and salt scrub added is all I need. For deeper relaxation, I will switch off the lights, spark up some candles and listen to some calming music - pure bliss.

Lathering a creamy goo onto your face, isn't everyone's cup of tea, but personally I love nothing more! Whether the mask is creamy and smooth, clay that cracks, or slime that peels, face masks are one of my ultimate indulgences. Further to that - cold cucumber. Something I always saw on tacky American TV programmes, but something I love doing.  Cold, soothing and so refreshing on your eyes.

Once I become too hot and red from the neck down, it's usually time for a quick cold shower and off into the welcoming hug of a fluffy dressing gown. Add some cozy slippers and snuggle amongst cushions, throws, blankets, teddies and drift off to sleep...


50 Facts About Me

Just a few facts about me...

50 to be precise 

1.     My favourite film is A Beautiful Mind

2.     I’ve never had braces

3.     My eyes have been described as chocolate buttons

4.     I’m 1 meter 70cm, I don’t know what this is in feet and inches

5.     I have a hamster called Bogden, he is a Roborobski hamster

6.     I have never broken any bones… touch wood!

7.     I hate everything that buzzes, whether this is a fly, wasp, bee…

8.     I love horror films

9.     If a TV programme is longer than 5 series, forget it

10.   I still have a teddy bear that sleeps in my bed, his name is Dylan

11.   I’m terrified of roller coasters, but I have been on the big one at Blackpool

12.   Cucumber is pointless, as is celery

13.   I wear glasses, I can’t see far away

14.   When I get nervous, my belly gets poorly

15.   Pinterest is my life

16.   I used to tap dance

17.   I play the flute

18.   Bourbon creams – happy days

19.   Day to day, I am a digital marketer

20.   I want to live in France, Paris if possible

21.   I can’t speak French

22.   I used to wear electric green eyeliner all the time

23.   I like to make my own jewellery

24.   I can’t knit… nope

25.   I have a sister, she lives in Australia

26.   I love visiting different places, but I hate travelling

27.   I can’t write a capital N only a little n

28.   Daisies are my favourite flower

29.   I walk like a horse when I wear heels

30.   I never want to have short hair

31.   I once went to the Trafford centre 3 times in 1 week

32.   McDonalds wins

33.   Dogs win

34.   I have only just discovered Lego and I love it

35.   I’ve never been to Ikea

36.   Daisy perfumes by Marc Jacobs are my favourite

37.   I get sweaty knees… tmi? Thought so

38.   I hate painting my nails, but love them long and looking pretty

39.   My room is always a mess

40.   I have completed a cooking course, but still can’t make a decent cake

41.   I know if you have hidden vegetables in my meal – don’t even bother

42.   I love photography

43.   I own about 2 pairs of pyjamas – I usually have to wear an old t-shirt

44.   I have 3 wardrobes, I am not proud of this fact

45.   I hate throwing things away

46.   Sweets! Dip Dabs are my favourite

47.   I don’t remember anything

48.   Name badges are the future

49.   I was born on New Year’s Eve

50.   I don’t like talking about myself…

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