My Wind Down Wish List


Time to Wind Down 

I've been so tired recently. Not sleeping well and getting stuck into the last series of Breaking Bad (FINALLY) are doing nothing for the deep caverns under my as well as the constant yawning.
Because of this, I have decided tonight I will have an early night and here is my wind down wish list.

A home decor collage from May 2015 featuring cotton kimono robe, hydrating mask and face peel mask. Browse and shop related looks.

Bloggers constantly go on about a lush bath. I personally am not a fan of the vegan loving, over priced, headache inducing goods so for me, a simple bath with lavender oils and salt scrub added is all I need. For deeper relaxation, I will switch off the lights, spark up some candles and listen to some calming music - pure bliss.

Lathering a creamy goo onto your face, isn't everyone's cup of tea, but personally I love nothing more! Whether the mask is creamy and smooth, clay that cracks, or slime that peels, face masks are one of my ultimate indulgences. Further to that - cold cucumber. Something I always saw on tacky American TV programmes, but something I love doing.  Cold, soothing and so refreshing on your eyes.

Once I become too hot and red from the neck down, it's usually time for a quick cold shower and off into the welcoming hug of a fluffy dressing gown. Add some cozy slippers and snuggle amongst cushions, throws, blankets, teddies and drift off to sleep...


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