May Favourites


Monthly Favourites | May 2015


Flawless Fresh Face
I have been loving the simple make up look this month. For a more summery look, I will wear a light foundation or BB cream, a rose blush, a peach highlight for dewy cheeks and Vaseline on my lips. However, after a long day, I cannot wait to take my makeup off with the garnier micellar water for sensitive skin. It's so fresh and works wonders.


My fringe is in an awkward stage where it is too long to keep as bangs, but too short to part and blend into my hair so this month I have been loving bobby pins, pinning my hair back and the half and half preppy look.


I'm still obsessed with Ed Sheeran. The less said about that the better - However, singing along, getting ready in the morning gets me ready and set for the day.


I love Netflix - I watch it every night. Whether that's reruns of Dexter's Lab or catching up with Pretty Little Liars. Anyway, my favourite movie that I watched this month was The Family, starring Robert De Niro, It's basically about a mafia family who try and fit into a new neighborhood. It's so funny and has just the right amount of crime and violence for a horror lover like myself.


Tesco's cherries and berries double concentrated squash. Just get it, it's delicious. Really fruity and delicious, it would be great matched with lemonade to create a tasty mocktail in the summer!

And there you have it, a few of my favourite things this month :)

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