Update: Blogmas is OVER

Just to let you know that my blogmas is now over...

Completing a Christmas related post everyday is actually pretty hard and it needs to be planned.

I've learned that the hard way.

I'm not 100% happy with any if the posts that I have created for Blogmas and that's not what I want.
I know I said that the point of me completing Blogmas was so I could post everyday for a month, but forcing content for the sake of it... I'm not going to do that.

So, the new plan:

  • I am going to post more regularly 
  •  I am only going to produce and post content that I am happy with 
  •  I will post anything and everything whether that is just a little post about my nail varnish or a full on rant about wearing heels on cobble stones
  •  I am going to take part in more Twitter chats, comment on other people's blogs and make a few more blogging friends (send me your blogs!)
  •  I'm going to be more active on social media 

Ok, new plan in place... let's see how it goes!

Step 1... create a blogging plan.

My Christmas Wishlist

For anyone who is a little stuck for what to get me this Christmas, I thought I'd put together a little Christmas wishlist to give y'all a few ideas. I love all things girly and who would say no to a bunch of new accessories?!
Obviously, I love everything below, but in the comments, send me a link to your Christmas wishlist - I'd love to have a few ideas for loved ones myself!

A Christmas Wishlist 
 Christmas Wishlist

Giving Up Blogmas?

So it's day 5 of blogmas, and so far, it's going ok...ish.

There's nothing planned in and all the posts are a bit hit and miss - yes, the content ain't great, but you know what - I am blogging - and that's a pretty big deal.
I thought about giving up with the whole blogmas thing today.
I thought: "It seems a little pointless."

Why should I give you mediocre content to read, content that isn't too exciting due to it revolving around my normal days and try and swing it so it has something, anything to do with Christmas?

And then it hit me.

I'm not only doing this for you (in the nicest way possible!) - none of this really started for readers. It has always been for me. A place on the internet to rant and rave, put my ideas down and have a little creative space. From this, I also remembered why I am doing blogmas - again, for me. To challenge myself and really get back into blogging, because you know what? - I bloody love it!

Once I start blogging more and getting the creative juices flowing (does that phrase freak anyone else out?!) I really hope to create some thought out posts that look good, have some depth and creativity in them, but for now, getting into the swing of regularly blogging is a pretty good start I think and if anyone else is thinking of starting a blog, hell! Go for it!

Maybe you'll take my approach and just ramble on the internet for five minutes a day - maybe people will like it, maybe no one will read it, but as long as you love it, keep on doing it.

So with that in mind, I think I will start enjoying blogmas that little bit more.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Today has been a very tree-filled day. 

At work, we have two Christmas trees, one for the entrance and one downstairs, and today we put them up!
Granted, we only had to decorate one - we're not allowed to decorate the one downstairs for our customers to see... yes, we are that bad - but upstairs, we were let loose and decorated the tree to our heart's content.
I think it looks quite good, but it does have tinsel on it, which isn't my favourite. Anyway, blue and silver is the upstairs theme.

At home, our tree is pretty big and the branches all overlap so it's always full - I know you can't beat a real tree, but the pine needles fall off and you've basically killed a tree - I hope you feel bad!

We love twinkly lights at home, so the tree is full of them and adorned with little baubles, big baubles and the odd special ornament that you pick up on your travels. A mix of green, gold and red, our tree is always pretty traditional and really marks the start of Christmas, so NOW I'm excited.

Have you guys put your trees up yet?

Ps. How awesome is this ombre tree?! 
Not my picture by the way, I found it on Pinterest and it linked to this site, so I'm not 100% sure of the original source :/

A Frosted Rose

So, for today’s post I thought I’d take a little bit of inspiration from one of my old photos. 
I love this frosted rose. I took the photo on a chilly day in Betys y Coed and saw this bunch of flowers on a memorial bench. I know that this may seem like a really somber moment, but I loved how that person was remembered and cherished even though they had passed. I also thought the frost, encasing the rose and making the pink even more beautiful made this bouquet just that little bit special, if only for an hour or two more.

 Anyway, I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite photos and I am going to do a frosted rose inspired makeup look in the next coming days, but as you may have guessed, I  didn’t really plan this whole blogmas thing, so the posts are a little off the fly.
 I hope that I can do a little bit of planning and preparation to really blow your socks off in the next coming days, but for now – we just have a few daily rambles and I am ok with that.

Frosted Rose 
Frosted Pink

A Winter's Tale

Blogmas and an Outfit

So I have been looking at my computer for ages and ages procrastinating and doing anything I can other than write a post for the second day in a row.
I have just watched The Apprentice (the best program in the world) and I am now just settling down getting ready for bed, but there is something stopping me from truly falling asleep.

Other than the glow of my laptop, I really want to complete blogmas!

I have never really achieved something like this and in the blogging world, people do this pretty much every year. I really must commend them, because... well just because. I guess all I can say, quite eloquently I must admit, is #organisationgoals.

So, there we have it, my second blogmas post - although short, perfectly formed as they say and a quick little read before bed.

I really hope that I can finish blogmas, I think it will really give me a push in terms of blogging, which I do find really hard at times and hope that everyone else taking part keeps at it and writes something, even if it is just a quick hello!

Anyway, I know that these posts are meant to be related to the chilly weather and Christmas in some way so I thought I'd put together a cute winters outfit using Polyvore... you should follow me on there by the way (cheeky plug), plus it's really fun.

Until tomorrow!

A Winter's Tale

Shop the Look!

River Island destroyed jeans
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Helen Moore pom pom hat

10 Under £10

10 Under £10

Stockings are one of my favourite things to open on Christmas day.
Jam packed full of sweets, treats, beauty gifts and stationary, the stocking is the perfect vessel for giving friends and loved ones an assortment of lovely gifts.

I have chosen a selection of gifts, all under £10, that are perfect for adding to a stocking. (Technically, there are 11 gifts on offer here, but I couldn't choose between the two nail varnish colours!)

I must also admit, that these gifts would be very welcome in my stocking and there is a lack of male orientated gifts, but hey, I have to give my hints one way or another!

What would you like in your stocking this year? Let me know in the comments below!

See you tomorrow for the second installment of blogmas!

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