Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!


Today has been a very tree-filled day. 

At work, we have two Christmas trees, one for the entrance and one downstairs, and today we put them up!
Granted, we only had to decorate one - we're not allowed to decorate the one downstairs for our customers to see... yes, we are that bad - but upstairs, we were let loose and decorated the tree to our heart's content.
I think it looks quite good, but it does have tinsel on it, which isn't my favourite. Anyway, blue and silver is the upstairs theme.

At home, our tree is pretty big and the branches all overlap so it's always full - I know you can't beat a real tree, but the pine needles fall off and you've basically killed a tree - I hope you feel bad!

We love twinkly lights at home, so the tree is full of them and adorned with little baubles, big baubles and the odd special ornament that you pick up on your travels. A mix of green, gold and red, our tree is always pretty traditional and really marks the start of Christmas, so NOW I'm excited.

Have you guys put your trees up yet?

Ps. How awesome is this ombre tree?! 
Not my picture by the way, I found it on Pinterest and it linked to this site, so I'm not 100% sure of the original source :/

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