Giving Up Blogmas?


So it's day 5 of blogmas, and so far, it's going ok...ish.

There's nothing planned in and all the posts are a bit hit and miss - yes, the content ain't great, but you know what - I am blogging - and that's a pretty big deal.
I thought about giving up with the whole blogmas thing today.
I thought: "It seems a little pointless."

Why should I give you mediocre content to read, content that isn't too exciting due to it revolving around my normal days and try and swing it so it has something, anything to do with Christmas?

And then it hit me.

I'm not only doing this for you (in the nicest way possible!) - none of this really started for readers. It has always been for me. A place on the internet to rant and rave, put my ideas down and have a little creative space. From this, I also remembered why I am doing blogmas - again, for me. To challenge myself and really get back into blogging, because you know what? - I bloody love it!

Once I start blogging more and getting the creative juices flowing (does that phrase freak anyone else out?!) I really hope to create some thought out posts that look good, have some depth and creativity in them, but for now, getting into the swing of regularly blogging is a pretty good start I think and if anyone else is thinking of starting a blog, hell! Go for it!

Maybe you'll take my approach and just ramble on the internet for five minutes a day - maybe people will like it, maybe no one will read it, but as long as you love it, keep on doing it.

So with that in mind, I think I will start enjoying blogmas that little bit more.

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