A Winter's Tale


Blogmas and an Outfit

So I have been looking at my computer for ages and ages procrastinating and doing anything I can other than write a post for the second day in a row.
I have just watched The Apprentice (the best program in the world) and I am now just settling down getting ready for bed, but there is something stopping me from truly falling asleep.

Other than the glow of my laptop, I really want to complete blogmas!

I have never really achieved something like this and in the blogging world, people do this pretty much every year. I really must commend them, because... well just because. I guess all I can say, quite eloquently I must admit, is #organisationgoals.

So, there we have it, my second blogmas post - although short, perfectly formed as they say and a quick little read before bed.

I really hope that I can finish blogmas, I think it will really give me a push in terms of blogging, which I do find really hard at times and hope that everyone else taking part keeps at it and writes something, even if it is just a quick hello!

Anyway, I know that these posts are meant to be related to the chilly weather and Christmas in some way so I thought I'd put together a cute winters outfit using Polyvore... you should follow me on there by the way (cheeky plug), plus it's really fun.

Until tomorrow!

A Winter's Tale

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