50 Facts About Me


Just a few facts about me...

50 to be precise 

1.     My favourite film is A Beautiful Mind

2.     I’ve never had braces

3.     My eyes have been described as chocolate buttons

4.     I’m 1 meter 70cm, I don’t know what this is in feet and inches

5.     I have a hamster called Bogden, he is a Roborobski hamster

6.     I have never broken any bones… touch wood!

7.     I hate everything that buzzes, whether this is a fly, wasp, bee…

8.     I love horror films

9.     If a TV programme is longer than 5 series, forget it

10.   I still have a teddy bear that sleeps in my bed, his name is Dylan

11.   I’m terrified of roller coasters, but I have been on the big one at Blackpool

12.   Cucumber is pointless, as is celery

13.   I wear glasses, I can’t see far away

14.   When I get nervous, my belly gets poorly

15.   Pinterest is my life

16.   I used to tap dance

17.   I play the flute

18.   Bourbon creams – happy days

19.   Day to day, I am a digital marketer

20.   I want to live in France, Paris if possible

21.   I can’t speak French

22.   I used to wear electric green eyeliner all the time

23.   I like to make my own jewellery

24.   I can’t knit… nope

25.   I have a sister, she lives in Australia

26.   I love visiting different places, but I hate travelling

27.   I can’t write a capital N only a little n

28.   Daisies are my favourite flower

29.   I walk like a horse when I wear heels

30.   I never want to have short hair

31.   I once went to the Trafford centre 3 times in 1 week

32.   McDonalds wins

33.   Dogs win

34.   I have only just discovered Lego and I love it

35.   I’ve never been to Ikea

36.   Daisy perfumes by Marc Jacobs are my favourite

37.   I get sweaty knees… tmi? Thought so

38.   I hate painting my nails, but love them long and looking pretty

39.   My room is always a mess

40.   I have completed a cooking course, but still can’t make a decent cake

41.   I know if you have hidden vegetables in my meal – don’t even bother

42.   I love photography

43.   I own about 2 pairs of pyjamas – I usually have to wear an old t-shirt

44.   I have 3 wardrobes, I am not proud of this fact

45.   I hate throwing things away

46.   Sweets! Dip Dabs are my favourite

47.   I don’t remember anything

48.   Name badges are the future

49.   I was born on New Year’s Eve

50.   I don’t like talking about myself…

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