Things I Hate!


Today I'm just going to do a ranty blog on a few things that my mum and I decided we hated when we were sat chatting on the beach.

 Here we go!

1.When apple skin gets stuck in your teeth
Don't you just hate that! You eat an apple because it's one of your 5 a day and then it goes and attacks your mouth and nestles in between your teeth... not cool apple, not cool.

2. When people think it's acceptable to show boobs or little boy's willys on the beach
I do not wanna see that... especially the latter. I do not want to think that I cannot look at the view without people thinking that I am a weirdo. Seriously, put it away! As for little boys... one, think of the sun burn that could happen and two, if you want your little bundle of joy to be naked, let him run free in private, you know like in your garden.

3. Annoying sun sheen in the car and when you nearly hit cyclists
Now a more serious note. As well as being just darn right annoying, this is also really really dangerous and if anyone knows of how to fix this - yes stop the sun from setting right as I'm leaving work, that would be much appreciated...
 PS. I'm not going into a rant about how cyclist should or shouldn't be on the road - I want this to be light hearted and a bit of fun... if you're looking for anger inducing blogs please go elsewhere :)

4. When warm drinks are put in the fridge at the front so you have to reach back and grab the cold ones
ARRRARARAGHHHHGGGGGH! This really annoys me! Like really. A, why would you top up drinks at lunch time anyway because believe it or not people are likely to keep wanting drinks so you'll just have to top it up again and B, if you are going to top up drinks at ridiculous times create a system so its easier to rotate stock or just make the fridge colder so drinks cool quicker. Also I have massive hands so when I grab a drink from the back, yes, I am going to knock them all off, but am I going to pick them up? No, no I am not... you shouldn't have warm ones at the front in the first place...

5. When in a whole bag of satsumas there's always a mushy one. Why do they put it in?!
Ok, so this is my Mum's contribution. She says that every time she buys satsumas there is always one mouldy mushy one in there... I just told her not to buy a bag with a mouldy one in...

6. When you try the grapes around a supermarket - it's just stealing!
From satsumas we then went on to other fruits... well grapes and not that I am dobbing on my Mum or anything but she is a person that 'tries' the grapes before buying the bag. I am not cool with this. Why is it acceptable to try grapes? We don't do it with any other fruit!! We don't go round eating an apple from a tray to see if the lot are ok, or open a punnet of strawberries so why grapes????

7. When you buy presents abroad, but you then find them at home cheaper
This happened to me quite recently. I bought some different drinks from Finland because me and my boyfriend love going to weird stores and looking in the foreign aisle in supermarkets for American chocolate and foods that we've never seen or heard of so anyway, in Finland they had some different flavour Fanta and these Angry Birds canned drinks which had names like Space so they sounded really cool and like they would make you hyper. I would also like to add in here that these drinks cost me a bit of money and low and behold a few weeks after I come back I head into Tesco and see the exact same drinks in store... for not a lot of money... sad face

8. The crazy choice of knickers
Not gonna say much about this one, there's just too many choices of underwear. I think we should have sections in stores, like time of the month pants, I'm feeling sexy pants , I'm wearing inappropriately tight/white trouser pants and there you go! Sorted.

9. Toiletries with screw tops
Need I say more?

10. Sales that say 75% off and hardly anything has that amount off.
A. I'm not made of money
B. I love a bargain
C. Here's a new rule: if you say there is a sale with up to 75%... at least 50% must be reduced by 75% - deal? OK thanks :)

Do any of these things annoy you???

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