Fashion Blunders!


Hi Everyone!

I used to be bullied. (This is a miserable start, but it soon picks up...)

Yeh, I know, loads of people get bullied, but before you say anything, no I am not looking for any sympathy.
I was asking for it.
Especially when it came down to what I was wearing - I didn't exactly do myself any favours.

No, it wasn't nice being bullied and yes, wear whatever you like, but look different and weird and be prepared for people to say something.
Guess what?
If it does happen, you'll survive and more importantly, learn a lot.

So, to my bully causing fashion blunders. 

Outfit 1 - Pink Pyjamas

Ok, so no, I didn't actually wear my PJs... I'm not an idiot! But, I did decide to wear wide leg, flared, cotton fabric, baby pink trousers, which looked a lot like pajamas and I loved them. However, I was a fat child and they didn't fit. I don't remember what top I'd wear with them but c'mon, what would a fat kid wear with flares that were too tight.  This was one of my favourite outfits and I was gutted when the seam down the middle of the trousers split apart. Gutted. No more would I be bullied for wearing these ridiculous trousers, but no more would I wear them, my favourite item of clothing.

Outfit 2 - A More Recent Addition 

I hate being cold. Like really hate being cold.
I'm always out and about in the wrong clothing choices and never learn that the british weather is so fickle. So if I'm stuck in the rain I will always pop into a shop, charity, vintage, designer - doesn't matter - and buy a cardi or a coat - anything that will warm me up!

Now, I've established that I like cardis, coats and jumpers. Oh, I also love shopping with my nan... I'm telling you I am seriously the coolest person I know.
Anyway, back to my blunder.
I once bought a grey fleece with toggles. Plastic, grey toggles. My nan also owns the same one in purple and we usually find ourselves wearing them together (...seriously, the coolest). I don't get bullied anymore about things like this - to be honest I choose my friends wisely and tell people where to go if I have to but my Mum, I cant say a bad word about her. Yet, she can say what she wants about me and I must admit that (regarding my clothing choices) she often asks how I have friends, let alone a boyfriend... so thanks Mum. :)

I could go on and on and on about all the mistakes I have made, but I love fashion now even though I do still make stupid choices and follow trends even if they are not my style. I just want people to know that you can wear what you want. If you get bullied, maybe it's because you are wearing pink flares that make you feel brilliant. Maybe its because you're smokin hot and they are jealous. Who knows? Who cares?
Be yourself and don't change for anyone... please.

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