Listerine Foot Spa!?


Hi Everyone!

So if you didn't know I am obsessed with Pinterest... OBSESSED! Ahem... sorry about that. But I do absolutely love it and even though I haven't tried anything that I have seen on there I thought it was about time that I did and that's why I am writing this :)

I've seen so many cool things on that pesky site that I will soon need for my room and some really tasty looking treats that will definately ruin my diet, but one thing that I saw recently is the Listerine foot spa mix.
Now I just happened to have a litre bottle of Listerine hanging around my bathroom (I bought it once, but I've now decided that it just burns my mouth and yes it does make me feel extra clean, but the pain is not worth it) so this is the first thing that I thought I'd try.

I can't remember the actually name of the pin, but the Listerine Foot Spa (which I will now refer to as the LFS) claims to make the dry skin on your feet just wipe away...

*SPOILER ALERT* doesn't. But, don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed experimenting and my feet are now rather quite soft even if they are also a little blue!

 To make the mix I added equal amounts of blue Listerine (I read that this was the best, but to be honest it was just what I had), vinegar (not gonna lie we used white wine vinegar because that's what we had, but I'm not really sure what you are meant to use - also vinegar makes it smell really gross!) and warm water, but I would've preferred hot water and then just dunk your feet in for 10mins or however long you want really - we watched some rubbish TV so I think I left my tootsies in for about 20 mins and then you're done! Your feet will be a little green and smell kinda fresh but after a little scrub and a once over with a pumice stone they were silky smooth :)

 This is what the mix looks like and as you can see I just used a washing up bowl to put it all in. Oh, I also only filled it up a little way so the mix just covered my soles and about a centimeter up my foot.

... sorry about being able to see my massive dinosaur feet!

So there you have it - If you've got some random Listerine about why not give this a go?

Thanks for reading!

Victoria x

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