What I Have to Wear to Work


Hi Everyone!

Ok, I get it. I have to wear a uniform. I'm used to this now and to be honest I don't mind. I get up, know what I'm going to wear so get dressed and go. But, do I style my hair? No. Put on my makeup? No. And do you know why? It's because no matter how much effort I put in, I will never, and yes I mean NEVER, look good in this uniform!

Personally I think that McDonald's workers have a sexier, better fitting uniform than myself. I wear a three sizes too big, magicians collar, short sleeved shirt in see through white for one. I then have wide legged navy blue trousers, which I had to turn up to stop me tipping over 24/7, but it's awkward material and now when I walk little glimmers of my socks appear and I do not wear conservative socks! So yeh, that's it. That is my very flattering uniform indeed. Oh wait - there's more. Well, not for me, but this might be coming my way (exciting times) and consists of a lovely red fleecy cardigan as well as a long scarf tie thing in bright red and navy blue. Basically the look they are going for is disheveled trolley dolly.

So, what do I want to wear to work? Well, if I could I'd probably wear nothing, but I know for sure that the rather affluent older generations of Southwold would not be pleased about this. So if I HAD to wear clothes - in Summer, how about a little navy shift dress? Add some cute beige ballet pumps with a navy blue bow and now wouldn't that be nice? You could even have a couple of pockets on the waist or carry on with the trolley dolly look and have a scarf - that would be perfect.
As for Winter, ideally PJs, but c'mon. How about some cigar pants and a fitted blouse? Maybe in maroon and black. Or a slim, tight fitting pencil skirt with a black or cream fuzzy jumper. Just a couple of ideas that are fashionable and easy to put together.

I don't know if anyone likes the uniform that they have to wear? Maybe nurses outfits and firefighters have the pick of the crop, but I'll have to stick to my navy and red rather large and not very sexy number for a while!

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Victoria x

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  1. <3 this, had me in fits of laughter. Bet all the boys come to your yard to catch a glimpse of you in you "super sexy" uniform.