What I Got Free in My Magazines!


Hi Everyone!

So this month I bought some magazines and I always always always buy them, but luckily this month they also came with loads of free stuff so happy days!!
I thought I'd just do a quick review on the stuff and tell you all about the items because I honestly think that getting the magazines for the products is a good enough excuse in itself!!

Free Stuff!

So, the magazines.
I bought Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. Also, last week or two ago I bought my favourite magazine, Company, which also came with some free stuff... yay!

And now the exciting bit - the free stuff!

I'm not sure which free bits and bobs came with which magazine - I was an idiot and got all excited and ripped everything open and then decided to write this, but I don't remember what came with what 100% so you'll just have to buy all the magazines... any excuse eh!?
Right, I'll stop rambling.

I got these really cool sunglasses and I chose the funky cat eye style that was available - there was 3 different types, black cat eye, like the ones I have, some classic aviators and a tortoise shell one too I think, but yeh, I chose the classic style one because I thought they would suit my face more and go with more of my outfits. Also, I know these are from Cosmo and they also come with some strawberry Mentos! I haven't had these yet though, but I know they'll be good.
I know I look like a dork, but check out them funky earrings!

I was, well actually am, really excited about the next two products. One is a mini nail varnish and caviar set from Ciaté. I have used caviar beads before, but only ones from Poundland, which were actually really good and a good place to start just for trying the trend. The pack I got from there only cost a pound (obviously) and it came with a rainbow of different colours. Anyway, I think it was Marie Claire that comes with a twin set of 6 colours in this caviar and varnish set. I chose the muted purple colour, but I really wanted the sparkly party purple, but they didn't have it :( Anyway, this set it worth £10! and 6 different colours are available so I am so tempted to go out and find each set! They'd make such a nice gift too and they come in a little plastic box so they would be so easy to wrap!
So cute, so purple

Also, (I think) Glamour came with an Eyeko London skinny black eyeliner (blue is also available) and I've had this before and it is so so so good - especially for getting a really sharp flick and thin lines on the top of your lid - this is a more expensive eye liner if you were to buy it, but a cheap option that is also really good and what I usually use is just a Boots natural collection eyeliner!

Oh, I almost forgot - Company magazine also came with a duo of mini spring/summer colour nail varnishes - I got the nude pink and the bright blue combo and although I wouldn't wear them together they are great for nail art and the pink is more of a daily colour and the blue would be great for festivals, holidays and party nails, so if its still available I would really recommend those as well.

Right I'm going to go now! I think I've written enough and I hope that you are inspired to go and get some goodies from your favourite magazines!!
Thanks guys, see you soon :)

Victoria x

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