Meet Bogden!


Hi Everyone!

So earlier I tried to show the world Bogden on YouTube, but it didn't really work because he was all sleepy and cute in his tunnel all surrounded by sawdust. So, I've tried to capture a few more photos of him so you can actually see him in all his cuteness!


Victoria x

Just chilling in his wheel
Eating his tipi house... He doesn't do this anymore

Hello :)
Bogden Fact File: 

Name: Bogden (aka Baby Bogden or just Bog)
Age: Unknown - he's just little
Birthday: Unknown - however, I bought him as a celebration present for getting a job and I sell cakes on the side and some of the money from that went on buying him and it's been one of the best decisions ever!!
Home: In my bedroom, but sometimes he smells :(
Favourite food: Peanuts, grapes and the yellow cornflake things out of hamster food
Worst food: Chocolate treat drops (that was a waste of money!!) and the green cornflake things out of hamster food

Sometimes he sleeps with his feet in the air - as you do

I'm starting to hold him now!!

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