I'm Back!


I want you back 
I want you back 
Yeah, I want you back for good..

To be honest I still have very few ideas of what to write at times, writers block you could say, but I have done so much! I’m looking through my photos now and basically I’m going to start recalling what I’ve been up to in the quite long time that I have been away, just for you
There have been a few highlights

  • I went to Norfolk on my first mini break in what seems to be forever
  • I visited Emily 
  • I have started my new job  
  • I saw my family at my Nain's 80th birthday party (PS. Nain is welsh for grandmother)
  • I made some cupcakes (WHOA!!)

So here we go – a quick round up of events (anyone thinking of Woody’s roundup from Toy Story right now? Just me? Ok)



I went to Norfolk
We went camping in a really thin tent
It rained… a lot (I know that the pictures don't show this, but trust me - it was soggy!)

No, to be honest it was actually quite fun. 
We did stay in a tent, which wasn’t the greatest, but it was only for a few days and it was really lovely waking up to the crisp air and morning sun.
However, we did decide to venture out one day and on arrival found the remnants of hail on the ground and a flooded tent – needless to say it was particularly cold that evening!

We went to Cromer, Sherringham and Great Yarmouth. 

I desperately searched for a Cromer crab charm either loose or on a necklace, but couldn’t find one anywhere! So, we gave up that struggle, but in the end later on in the week I found this lovely necklace and it reminds me of our holiday. This is from a small shop in Southwold called gone crabbing, which we visited later on in the week. We also got lost in the maize maze there – I would have seriously been lost without my trusty map reader!

At Sherringham they serve the biggest Mr Whippy ice-creams ever!

Sherringham was quite lovely. A little quintessential British seaside town full of nothing but ice cream shops, chips and gift shops tucked into little corners. Supposedly it is most famous for its train station, but we somehow missed it…

Great Yarmouth was amazing! Well, maybe not amazing. My mum calls Great Yarmouth a poor man’s Blackpool, but we love places like that. The arcades, the beach, the donkeys and ice cream – what can go wrong?
I Visited Emily 

Emily is one of a kind, the nicest person you will ever meet and one of my bestest friends – lucky me! Also she does faces like this and when she reads this she will kill me, but it's just hilarious


I had a few days off before I started work so I decided to jump at the opportunity to go and see her. Now, I was a little silly because I didn’t really plan this, I literally rang her and ended up going the next morning. I can safely say that I do not like the M25, but I did like seeing her face, the new house (which has horses next to it, squee!) all of her animals (including my favourite, Sasquatch, a really cute guinea pig that we saw and persuaded Chris to get alongside a very fluffy Winnifred).
I had a splendid time, but for some reason didn’t take many photos – I guess I’ll just have to visit them again

Also, EMILY HAS NEW KITTENS!!!!! I mean c'mon. I'm so gonna visit again now!

I Have Started my New Job 

I have said this loads of times so I’ll keep it brief, but if you didn’t know I have a new job!

I absolutely love it. I can’t tell you much about it in terms of who I work with, but it is all to do with digital marketing and that is one of the paths that I have always always always wanted to go down so I am ecstatic!
There, I shall say no more on the matter :) 


If you're interested, this is what I wore to the interview :)

My Nain is 80! 


She will kill me for putting this on here, but a weekend or two ago I went to this beautiful hotel in Shropshire and me and a lot of my family had a delicious meal together before drinking and partying the night away. 

My Nain only made it till about 10.30pm, but we don’t blame her. She did have church the next day after all ;) 

Here is the meal that I ate:
Salmon fishcakes with dressed salad for starter

I then had rump steak covered in brandy and peppercorn sauce with chunky chips and a vegetable parcel 

And to finish I had a  chocolate cup filled with Turkish delight and white chocolate mousse served with red currants 

Coffee and dark chocolate truffles... YUM

It truly was delicious and lovely to see everyone at a happy occasion as opposed to a funeral - anyone else just meet up for weddings and funerals or just us? 

 What I wore...
And on the subject of food...

I Made Some Cupcakes

Ok, so this might not be the greatest of feats but I made them up myself and they turned out ok so I was really, really happy with them.

They are white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes with a vanilla butter-cream. 

Here is a brief recipe

8oz of butter, sugar, eggs and flour – 1 tsp vanilla extract – 85g bag of white chocolate buttons 

Cream together the butter and sugar with the vanilla. Whisk for as long as possible until very fluffy and almost white (minimum of 5 mins) 

Add in the eggs one at a time, whisking until fully incorporated

Stop whisking and gently fold in the flour 

Once basic mix is finished stir in roughly chopped chocolate

For the middle you can make some jam – like I attempted but to be honest it was more successful just adding a whole raspberry to the middle. 

Top with butter-cream which is equal amounts of butter, icing sugar and a tsp of vanilla 
Just whisk until really creamy and add more or less sugar depending on your preference. 

Top with a giant white chocolate button and a fresh raspberry

Makes 12 large (muffin size) cupcakes


I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I will see you soon – a lot sooner than before!


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