Lavenham Christmas Market


To be honest I don’t quite know what to write about today. I didn’t really want to mention Christmas for the third day in a row! However, I put the tree up in work today. It was such a nice break from the computer and great to take part in as we don’t have one at home this year – don’t ask, not my idea…

Anyway, other than that I haven’t really done much. My job has been made official and I’m doing well at the gym, not losing weight, but getting fitter and that’s about it!

I’ve also been frantically crafting – If you didn’t know – actually you wouldn’t as I haven’t mentioned it, but I’m going to be holding a stall at a Christmas market in Lavenham on Saturday… THIS Saturday.  I’m quite excited, but also very, very nervous. I thought it was a good idea at the time and now three months later I’m not too sure. For one, I’m making jewellery – some out of beads, others upcycled vintage materials and some using my own illustrations. I love each pair of earrings that I make and would wear my necklaces myself, but I don’t know whether other people will like it – It’s really scary! Tonight I’m going to see how big my table will be as well and see if I have enough to go on it, or whether I’ll really have to pull my finger out and craft away for an extra hour or two – I don’t know how people do it, where do you get the time?! Sometimes, I get up, work, go to the gym, go home, eat dinner and then it’s bedtime. I wish the day was longer – no, I wish we had Wednesdays off! No one like Wednesdays right?!

Anyway, I might add a bit to this later, but to be honest it’s probably going to stay as a short one today – Hey, I’ve got jewellery to make!

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