My Week in Pictures!


My Week 

I tidied my room! My wardrobe to be more precise - very interesting I know
I treated myself in Norwich and spent all my birthday/Christmas money (we all deserve a treat once in a while!)
I ate at a restaurant called 'Giraffe', had a delicious duck stirfry and iced tea (with a cute pink giraffe!)
I tried fruit tea to start off a bit of a detox - this one from Twinings is delicious!
I started running again -  it didn't go great, but I'm sure I'll get back on track soon
The weather is still soooo cold and I'm wishing and hoping for snow
I've really been trying to have a put together look each day - even if this is just adding a necklace once in a while!
I made dinner once this week and just look at that pure white coconut milk!
I also took a picture of a Starbucks cup... it was a raspberry slush fruit drink thing YUM

That was my week!

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