10 Beauty Confessions


10 Beauty Confessions | Victoria Alice Blogs

I decided to confess  all of my beauty secrets. Some are gross, some I'm pretty sure you do too - All I ask is that you don't judge me!

  1. I have makeup that is over 2, maybe even 3 years old...
  2. I don't really clean my brushes half as often as I should and then complain that I break out 
  3. I have an obsession with makeup - I don't know how many products I have, but it's a little ridiculous now
  4. I will buy a magazine, purely for the free mascara, nail polish or whatever is in there - even if it is a magazine I never ever read... and probably never will 
  5.  I buy product after product, but only really have a selection of five products I use all the time
  6. I hate mascara - it ALWAYS falls down my face 
  7. I fall asleep in my makeup all the time - after a night out, who seriously remembers to wash their face? And anyway, once you're snuggled up in bed, who can be bothered?
  8. I have been known to use a strand of hair as floss - eww gross... but true
  9. I never ever moisturise. It always makes my face feel gross and oily
  10. Sometimes, I just put on foundation. Nothing else, just a base - I get bored ok?!
So, there is my top 10 beauty confessions and now it is your turn!
Leave a note in the comments.

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