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Every beauty blog I read is unfortunately becoming more and more similar.
I don't know if you guys have noticed, but with everyone and their son owning a blog of some sort, it is difficult standing out from the crowds.
I love researching blogs, (stealing ideas...ooh naughty), looking for inspiration and reading really great work, but a few posts really grind my gears. Especially this one: What's in My Bag? 

You want to know what is in my bag?


If you are really that bothered, mine is full of reciepts, some stuck together with an old piece of chewing gum, a few coins and the essentials - usually a phone and a purse. If you're lucky, there might even be a camera in there.

How is that interesting?!

Anyway, I thought I'd go through a few beauty blogger buzzwords that I see on virtually every blog I peruse through - some I like, most I don't.

Must haves, things you need to survive, makeup essentials, essential tips...
Are they truly needed? Will we really fail summer if we don't have Benefit's Hoola Bronzer on our freckled faces? I don't think so.

Something that is practically the same as another product, but a ton cheaper. For me, I like dupes, finding a bargain is always satisfying, but if you love the product, buy the one you want. If I compared one of my Mac lipsticks to drug store brands, Mac wins hands down. Just the classic packaging and the way it makes me feel when it glides across my lips is worth the extra money - girl, you're worth it, get the real deal.

Ugh - 5 Summer hair hacks, hacks to help you put on eyeliner, hacks to stop you procrastinating, hacks so you can live your life. Ok, we get it. I guess that we are so busy that we need to use hacks all day every day in order to save time so we can do even more stuff in our day whilst looking perfect. To be honest, I don't think I need this in my life - If I was really that busy, I'd just wake up an hour or two earlier...

First Impressions
Why can't we just make our own decisions anymore? With something a little more expensive, ok, I get it - What is it going to be like, is it worth the money? But hey, do you know what? Many people get paid to review products - if you were given money to write your opinion would you be 100% honest? Hmm, let's make up our own minds, eh?

Ok, I like this one. I love crafting them, showing them and ogling at others. A wishlist can be used for so many different things, whether that it holidays, parties, outfits, events etc. and I think they are really fun to research and make.

Boyfriend tag, list of firsts, xyz tags - these just seem a little lazy to me. If y'all sent me a list of generic questions to answer, it wouldn't take me too long to conjure up a list of gibberish - it just lacks a little passion for me.

...nope. These are for your Instagram, not your blog. 'nuff said.

Don't all your products get used at one point or another? I don't get it. Well done for finishing that shampoo, or wow - you ran out of foundation, something you use everyday - OMG it must be great!

Monthly Box Reviews
To be honest, I just see these posts as the ultimate spoilers. Looking at some of the boxes though, I like what is in them, but I'd quite happily peruse through the countless videos and blogs unboxing these mail box goodies and if something really excites me... simply buy it!

Anyway, this blog isn't meant to be too negative and I hope you see the funny, not so serious side. I must also say, that I, myself, have most of these buzzwords in my blog and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. To be honest, the only posts I really can't stand are those that really have no meaning or pasion behind them.

For now, have a look out for some wishlists coming up and hopefully a few blog posts that are a little bit different to what you are used to!

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