New Years' Resolutions


Ok, so this post is a little late, but I was looking through my list of blog ideas and I saw that I had completely forgotten to write down my new year's resolutions. Now, I always have my go-to’s, the lose weight, the go outside more and eat healthily habits, but alongside these there are always other ideas that I come up with, but usually forget around March time.

So, here I am, writing up my new year's resolutions. So far, some are going quite well and as the year goes on, I’ll keep checking up on them and remind myself so this is the year that I actually accomplish them!

2015 New Year's Resolutions

1.     Get Fit – Actually go to the gym. Don’t use this as a time to walk around texting and checking out the hot guys, actually sweat and work out. Don’t kid yourself that the bill coming out of your bank each month is worth it because you have the membership card. Also, stop telling people at work that you go to the gym and are busy all the time (because by busy you mean eating ice cream in front of the TV, in your pajamas).

2.     Be Braver – I am a total scardy cat. I hate change and if a bus is late, I start to panic. Brave and I do not mix. However, I am hoping to try out a few new things this year and to do this I will have to be a little braver.

3.     Try new things – (this obviously links to the be braver thing) wear bolder lipstick, try new hair styles, be more daring with clothes, say yes to more opportunities

4.     Finish Things – I always start projects and to be honest, I get really excited, start them, buy all the things and then never complete them, never. This year though, if I start anything I will complete it. Also, this ties into Pinterest. There are so many things on there that I need to have a go at, so that is my plan. Have a go, and if it goes well, I’m aiming to blog about it… so far though all my attempts have failed. FYI, I’ve tried cake pops, bath bombs, soap and a 9-5 hair style…  

5.     Redecorate the spare room – this should be on my general to do list really but if its on here I’ll remember – It’s going to be my office area so it really needs to get done!

6.     Take my makeup off every night – even if I really really REALLY cant be bothered. Oh, and moisturize more.

7.     Wake up earlier – I am the sleepiest person of all time. I can sleep for 12-13 hours and still be tired. For me, I need every other day off, just to catch up on sleep. However, I don’t have enough time in the day, so waking up earlier and getting stuff done, may be the way forward. It will also stop me getting caught up in Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars and all the other good stuff on Netflix… maybe I should just stop watching TV before bed… actually nah

8.     Don’t waste your weekends. As mentioned, I sleep… a lot. This usually results in me wasting my days, lounging round, doing nothing. This is lovely, but I have so much to do that I really wish that I would get stuff done. Yes, enjoy my days off, just don’t waste them!

And there we have it, a little list of resolutions that I really hope I can stick to this year. I will be very happy if I lose weight and get fitter as this is a resolution that has been floating around for years and years, but I also want to be braver. This will then allow me to travel more and really be more adventurous with my fashion and beauty ideas. I have so many ideas that I never try out because of what people will say or just incase it goes wrong, but hey, you can't learn with out making a few mistakes along the way right?

I hope that your new year's resolutions are going well. Don’t give up, it’s not even February yet!

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