65 Date Ideas


65 Date Ideas

65 Date Ideas to Try in 2015 

Valentine's Day is approaching and so it is that time of the year to grab that special person in your life and show them how much you love them. If you are lucky enough to have someone on Valentine's day, here is a really long list of ideas for you. Go out, stay in, do something as simple as watching a film together, just have fn and enjoy spending time together in 2015. 

For singletons on Valentine's day, I can only say sorry - maybe you could use this as a list of things to do! 

So here you have it, 65 date ideas to try and complete in 2015 (I may have even included a bonus at the end... you lucky lucky people!)

1.     Restaurant Relay
Visit different restaurants for your starter, main, dessert and drinks. I have always wanted to do this, but I always think that I would be bored after the main, or fancy dessert from the menu at one of the restaurants and end up staying anyway!

2.     Picnic
Whether you have one at home, in the garden, at the beach or up a mountain, make it special with strawberries and champagne.

3.     Trip to the Zoo

4.     Cinema
A classic old school date – don’t forget the popcorn!

5.     Film Marathon
Catch up on all those films that you have been desperate to watch

6.     Meal at Home
Cook your favourite meal at home.

7.     Go for a Walk
Some of the simplest dates are the best.

8.     Beach Date
Make sandcastles, throw stones, and walk along the shore.

9.     Arcades
Try and win as many toys as possible, penny machines and blue slush, perfect.

10. Make Something Crafty

11. Make Something – Foodie
A delicious cake, cookie recipe or something else entirely. Look for recipes on Pinterest or make something up!

12. Go Shopping

13. Play a Board Game

14. Camping

15. Wine Tasting

16. Go to a Concert

17. Roller Skating

18. Play a Sport

19. Spa
Treat yourself to a spa day or make your own at home. Don’t forget the candles, calming music and massage oils.

20. Weekend Away
Whether you fancy a city break or a romantic weekend in the country this is always a nice treat for a couple.

21. Make a Den

22. Star Gazing

23. Feed the Ducks

24. Ice Skating

25. Visit a Museum/Art Gallery

26. Dance Class

27. Draw Each Other

28. Visit a Pet Store

29. Fruit Picking
Strawberries, raspberries, apples, no matter the fruit, don't forget to make something delicious with your treats - Apple pie anyone?

30. Paint Pottery
Go to a local ceramics café and paint your own pottery. This is a really nice idea if you have a house together too - Maybe make some his and hers mugs or design a piece for one another. 

31. Take an Exercise Class

32. Go to a Maize Maze
Don’t get lost!

33. TV Marathon

34. Ice Cream Sundae Bar
Create your own sundae bar with bowls of fruit, sweets and sprinkles.

35. Go to a Park

36. Make a Time Capsule
Don’t forget to dig it up in 10, 20 or even 25 years

37. Go to the Theatre

38. Visit an Aquarium

39. Fly a Kite

40. Fondue
Have a delicious fondue. Chocolate or cheese, the choice is yours. Serve with strawberries, marshmallows and fruit, or crackers, vegetables and savoury treats.

41. Pizza Night
Make and design your own pizza.

42. Bakery Treat
Take a trip to the local bakery and pick out a treat for one another.

43. American Diner
Enjoy classic American treats such as delicious creamy milkshakes made out of real ice cream and stacked juicy burgers.

44. Comedy Club

45. Visit a Brewery

46. Music Lesson

47. Play Video Games

48. Start a Project
Whether this is something small like a scrapbook, or something bigger such as redecorating a room, a project is a great way to focus on something and spend time together.   

49. Go to a Theme Park

50. Create a New Cocktail (or two!)
And try it of course!

51. Go Bird Watching

52. Build a Campfire and make S’mores

53. Horse Riding

54. Paint some Artwork for the Walls
You can get canvases really cheaply these days and if the artwork is rubbish, you don’t feel so bad throwing it away!

55. Karaoke

56. Photoshoot

57. Sign up to a Fun Run

58. Candy Store
Run riot in a sweet shop and pick everything and anything you want.

59. Disposable Camera Date
Pick up a cheap disposable camera and document your day. You never really know how the pictures are going to turn out, but this makes it more fun. The pictures could also be added to a scrapbook or old album that you have lying around. 

60. Pub Quiz

61. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

62. Create a Scavenger Hunt
Let a loved one search high and low for a gift or surprise.

63. Road Trip

64. Visit a Castle

**Bonus**  Build a Bear!
I love Build a Bear and this would make such a cute date idea – Especially if you recorded a message for one another!

I hope that you like this list and as always, if you have any other great date ideas, please leave them in the comments below!

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