A New Favourite


Blistex Orange Mango Burst

Even as the months are becoming warmer I still suffer with dry and chapped lips. Granted, they are not as cracked and sore as in winter when my lips cannot deal with the temperature changes of the freezing outdoors and warm air conditioned offices, but still, how am I going to wear matte lipsticks and light glosses in summer if my lips are like this?


It appears as though I have finally found a product that works, smells delicious and makes my lips feel supple and smooth. Blistex Orange Mango Burst. 

And it certainly is not lying about the Orange Mango Burst. It is just that, a burst of juicy orange scents that smell good enough to eat! I love applying this product. Not only does it glide on like a dream, it leaves a light sheen on my lips (not the gloopy or obvious ‘wetness’ left by some lip products) and smells delicious. Crucially, it really is starting to make my lips look healthy. I might even experiment with a few new lip colours that have been patiently waiting in my dresser this weekend.

What do you think? Have you tried Blistex Orange Mango Blast or do you have another go to favourite lip balm?

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