How to Fake Awake



A word I hear all too often.
I'm tired
Are you ok? You look tired
Are you not sleeping again?
When did you go to bed?
You have bags under your eyes...

2. Ok, I get it - I look tired
3. I've got Netflix

So, here's my how to guide on how to fake awake...

A dewy light foundation like the Bourjous healthy mix or the Maybelline Better Skin foundation is a good base (it has SPF 20 too). It looks great, your skin becomes clearer and it's protected against the sun.

Get rid of those circles. A yellowy green and purple toned base works well for some people, but I like the Natural Collection Cover Up Cream. However, if it's going to be a long day, I'll head for Maybelline's Super Stay 24Hr Concealer, (it's pretty good at covering pesky spots too).

Highlight the top of your brow bone and tops of cheeks with a liquid highlighter. Something like the YSL Touche Eclat brush would work well, but as a cheaper option the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch is a good alternative... until payday!  It's also a good idea to highlight the inside corners of your eyes with a light eye shadow. A subtle cream colour works better than white, but a dot of white looks great for a night out, it creates a great sparkle in your eye. 

Fresh Cheeks 
I like to look a little more awake by wearing a blush, not too pink or shimmery, but just the right colour that gives a flushed cheek. 

Bright eyes 
If you curl your eyelashes and put some good mascara on, your eyes are always going to look bigger and more awake... winner!

Good Morning! 
Maybe a phrase I'll be saying a bit more often

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