The Best Trifle Ever?! 

Some days, there is nothing better than those homely, classic British dishes and today was one of those days. Roast lamb followed by a delicious strawberry trifle was on the menu and as I sit here full and feeling a little sick after my second helping of trifle (and that one extra potato I knew I shouldn't have had) I thought I would share with you one of my favourite desserts, even if it is a bit 70s...

Ingredients and Equipment
If you need measurements, you will not like this recipe... you might as well leave now

You will need: 
(In no particular order)
A Trifle Bowl - this is a big bowl, usually a fancy one that's hidden in the back of the cupboard
A Whisk - for whisking the cream
A Spoon - for eating, stirring and spooning the trifle out at the end
A Jug - for the jelly melting
A Kettle - for boiling water... duh
A Knife - for cutting the swiss roll

Jelly - any flavour, I like raspberry best
Swiss roll - the really cheap ones are good, don't bother making your own ;)
Strawberries - fresh ones, not frozen or in a tin, they're no good for trifle
Custard... I don't make that either
Cream - whipping or double
Sprinkles - the really colourful ones

How To: 
Cut the cake into slices and place around the bowl
If you wish you can cover the cake in jam too so it doesn't get too soggy, but I don't 
Slice the strawberries and sprinkle all over the cake
Make the jelly according to the packet and once cool pour over the cake and strawberries
Once the jelly is set and the cake has soaked up all the jelly, pour the custard on top (leave room for cream!)
Whisk the cream (add some icing sugar and vanilla if you like it sweet)
Scoop the cream on top and pour over the sprinkles
Eat it!

Looks good enough to eat!

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