Fix It: Bad Hair Days


You didn't get enough sleep, you're tired and to top it all off, your hair is not going to co-operate.
We have all been there.

So what are you going to do? Are you gonna sit there and cry about it? No. You are gonna get up and tame that hair. You will conquer the day and look good doing it. Nothing can stop you... especially not your hair!

1. It's greasy 

Fix it!

Don't worry, greasy hair is so easy to fix.  Just grab some dry shampoo or use talcum powder (in moderation!). Leave it in for a minute or two and brush out. It also gives you extra volume, bonus!

That didn't work? Put it up in a pony tail or messy bun. It's quick and easy.

Still not great? Try braids.

Last chance... try a fringe wash. Wash only the roots and 'fringe' of your hair and quickly dry. Looks like freshly washed hair, in half the time.

2. I slept funny, it's all kinky 

This always happens to me, especially when I have fallen asleep with damp hair. In the morning, I will always head straight for the straighteners (see what I did there?!) and iron out the kinks.

If this doesn't work, invest in some new straighteners! Ok, put it up. Simple.

3. It's so flat!

Flat hair can really drag you down and look limp and lifeless around your face. To sort this, simply blow dry your hair upside down.

If that doesn't work try teasing the roots. Gently backcomb all around the scalp and it's surprising how much of a differece it will make

Nope, flat as a pancake. Ok, your hair is weird, seriously you've backcombed it... Try some dry shampoo/mousse/wig.


Hey, chill out! Wear a hat or rock a scarf.

5. Nope, I'm going to cut it off in a minute...

NO! Go and wash it. Just start again. Wash your hair, condition the ends and blow dry your way to beautiful!


So there you have it, my hints and tips on how to fix your bad hair day.

Ooh, weird sexy lip bite, that hair though... <3

Now go about your day looking fabulous!

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