Cheek Stamps: A New Buzz?


Cheek Stamps | Seventeen

I’m pretty sure that these have been around for a while now, but I thought I’d do a quick review of the Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush. 

Three words: cute, funky and OTT fun! 

Ok, I know that’s not three words, but hey, call the cops. 
Anyway, in brief, I like them! (Hey, three words!)

I picked up a couple of these a while back, so I’m not 100% sure how much they were. 
Seeing as I got two, they were either on offer, under a fiver or both – so a bargain piece to pick up and try if you haven’t done so.

There were a variety of these on the shelves, but I chose two colours: Stare Struck and Made You Look.

Firstly, Stare Struck:

Cheek Stamps | Seventeen

This is my favourite of the two colours I picked up. 
It’s a little more natural and a peachy pink shade. It’s great for everyday wear and sophisticated enough for make up on a night out – especially when paired with a shimmery highlight.

As for Made You Look, this is a lot different. 
In colour it is a very Barbie pink shade that really pops on pale skin. It’s pink – I don’t know how else to describe it! 
Anyway, less is definitely more with this one! 
However, it has its uses. I like to wear it out on the beach or for a picnic date, something like that. It’s more of a cutesy colour, perfect for the outdoors.

The real wow factor with these pieces is the ‘stamp’ design. 
The blushers themselves come in little round pots. To open them, you simply twist and the applicator sponge pops up, all ready and topped up with just the right amount of powder. It’s ingenious and great for on the go – especially as it has a little round mirror on the top too.

All in all, I give these little blushers a 4 out of 5 – I love them, I think they are fun and the colours really do pop on your cheeks. 
However, the stamp is a little literal at times and I can apply way to much pink to my cheeks and look like one of those vintage dolls with the perfect circle of  colour in their face… not the best look, unless it’s Halloween.

Cheek Stamps | Seventeen | Victoria Alice Blogs

Let me know what you think! Have you tried these cheek stamps before? 

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