You're Worth It


Beautiful You in fancy font
Adverts tell us everyday. 

We’re worth it, we’re beautiful, it’s us on a good day. 

So why do we worry so much? What are people going to say, what are they thinking? 

Maybe they'll judge me. 


We need to dye our hair.
Cover greys.
Blondes have more fun.
Be daring, go red. 

Wear that itsy bitsy bikini so we have tan lines that make us look like a geometric 3D shape. Show off those abs. 

Size 16? 18? 20?
You’re curvaceous, plus size, XXL, fat, ugly. 
Shop at ASOS Curve, New Look Inspire, Evans, Yours, get out of Top Shop... don't even bother. 

Make your tummy happy - eat yoghurt, bifidus regularis, reduced fat cheese, same great taste, skimmed milk, half fat, no fat, 0%, no sugar, sweeteners, no calories, no, no, no. 

As for your face…
Get rid of those circles under your eyes, paint on freckles, wear a foundation, you need flawless skin:

Wash it, 
Scrub it, 
Prime it, 
Blot it, 

Day and night, twice a day. 
Look younger, now, results in 14 days, spots get smaller, overnight - instant. 


Don’t eat chocolate you’ll get spots. 
Eat chocolate it makes you happy. 
On your period? You deserve a treat. Eat some chocolate. 
Chocolate makes you happy. 

Orange Juice aka OJ – that’s healthy. 
Full of vitamin C, juicy bits, smooth, with stevia, not from concentrate, from concentrate, with raspberry, mango, orange with orange. 

Citric acid, strips the enamel, you can’t drink that. 

So, you wonder why you don’t fancy heading out? 
That skirt is too short on you. Is my cellulite showing?
Skinny jeans, but I'm not skinny. 
That dress is gorgeous, it looks good on her. 
Body con dress - body confident? 


I look like a stuffed sausage. 

My make up is too heavy – I look like a drag queen.
Over-line your lips, eye lash extensions, jet black mascara, cat eye, eyebrow game, highlighter, bronzer, blusher...

Are you having a bet? Don’t buy me a drink – I know your game. 
I’m not on the guest list – you're not coming in. 


I make my own rules. 
Yes, I’m wearing double denim, so shoot me – throw back to the 90’s… at least I am happy, care free, beautiful. 
I might even wear red lipstick today. Pair it with blue eyeshadow. 
Wear a brown belt and black shoes.

Do you know what I’m going to do?
Go out, have fun, grab a can of man up and fuck 'em… fuck 'em all. 

We are beautiful,  we’re fabulous!

D’you know what? – there's a can of sass over there. Use it all, spray it everywhere. 


Because you’re worth it.

You are kind, you are polite, beautiful, cute and you’ve done amazing things.
If anyone ever tells you otherwise...

Fuck 'em… they're not worth it.  

*Post not sponsored by L'Oreal...*

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