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From the very start of the day technology rules my life. 

Beginning with the alarm on my phone waking me up to watching Netflix on my laptop technology surrounds my day to day tasks.

Because of this, I thought I’d outline day to day what is typically involved in my daily routine and the technology that makes it ten times easier. 

The alarm on my phone blasts in my ear startling me awake every morning. I love weekends when it doesn’t have to be set, but I regret waking up late morning (alright midday) as I don’t get much done and end up lounging in my pajamas all day… ok, maybe that ain’t so bad.

I then jump in the shower and scrub clean with Original Source shower gel (it smells so good!). 
Then it’s time to jump out and brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush. 

I’ll get dressed and then sort out my hair and makeup. I’ll dry my hair with a hairdryer, make it sleek and shiny with straighteners, look up a makeup tutorial on YouTube and head downstairs for breakfast. 

I like to have breakfast on the go, so I’ll blend up a smoothie using the aptly named Smoothie2Go blender we have.

On the drive to work, I’ll listen to music on my phone via Bluetooth connection through my car speakers. 

My work revolves around technology too. I’m a digital marketing executive, so a typical day is spent at the computer answering emails, writing blogs, researching keywords and working with clients to improve their online presence. 

At lunch, I’ll check my personal social media networks and catch up on a few of my favourite blogs. I’ll always check Facebook and Twitter, but sometimes I’ll also have time to jot down a few blog ideas that I’ll write up when I get home. 

I’ll then get back to work, do some more research, do some SEO for a client's site and maybe host a webinar using WebEx software. 

On the way home, I’ll again listen to digital radio or an audio book on my phone, once again connected to the car speakers via Bluetooth. 

At home, the technology saga continues. I’ll write up that blog post and take photos using my Sony a5000. Once this has been uploaded or scheduled for an up and coming day, it’s time for dinner. 

Even food is prepared using technology these days, whether that it via a microwave, induction hob, electric oven or a Tefal Actifry. Then the dishes go in the dishwasher and I’ll relax for the evening. 

Pinterest – Watch YouTube – Run with the 5k Coach App – Hire a Film. 

Just before bed, I will always catch up with my boyfriend via Skype or Face Time. Then we will watch Netflix together and just before falling asleep, I’ll set my alarm ready for the next technology fuelled day. 

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