My Summer Bucket List


Summer sun, Bucket list

Summer is here and the school holidays are on there way, but most importantly I will soon be jetting off to Australia to see my Sister who I haven't seen in forever!

I am extremely lucky and will be whale watching, going to the Great Barrier Reef and staying in some of the most beautiful villas I have ever seen, but this post isn't about that.

This post is about making this summer, summer 2015, the best summer ever and here is my summer bucket list to complete sometime before October.

Summer Bucket List 2015
  1. Do a photo challenge - a photo a day
  2. Travel somewhere new (pretty sure I'm going to check this one off!) 
  3. Make a floral crown 
  4. Feel more Be more confident 
  5.  Rejig your summer wardrobe and try different outfits 
  6. Save money!
  7. Stop stressing 
  8. Create a blog plan 
  9. Blog more 
  10. Try new makeup looks
I hope that everyone reading this has a great summer, no matter what you are doing! If you have any items on your bucket list - let me know! I might even steal one or two of your ideas!

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