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So here I am at work on a Friday afternoon writing a blog post ready to burst out of my skin! 
Firstly it is the bank holiday weekend which is great for everyone, but for me, it’s the bank holiday weekend AND the last weekend before I go on holiday!

Now, this isn’t going to be any old holiday – No sir-ee, this holiday is to Australia and gives me the opportunity to see my sister who I haven’t seen in forever (ok, three-ish years, but still forever!) and I cannot wait. 

On Monday, the weekend seemed so far away but now that Friday is here, the day cannot end fast enough. 

I just thought I’d write a little post about it and let you all know that in the next coming days, there is going to be a whole lot more action on here. My days will be less wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed and more amazing, wow, what shall I do today? Which is something that I am not quite used to, to say the least! 

Anyway, keep an eye out for posts on my blog, mind boggling beautiful pictures and the odd spider or two…

See you soon!

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