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So after approximately two months off from my blog, I am now starting to miss it. The ideas are exploding out of my head and so it is time to start writing again, biting the bullet and creating some awesome content for you to have a gander at.

As you may or may not know from my previous post, I went all the way to the other side of the world to see my sister. It was an amazing trip and if anyone reading this fancies heading out to Australia, stop reading this post and book your ticket now!

I have a few photos, which I think I’ll show on here a bit later and you'll see just how beautiful it really is.
Anyway, after Oz came a week in Thailand and then we came back home.
Leaving work for so long meant it was a little difficult getting back into the swing of things, but we're back now and it's as if we never left!

The main change to be honest is the weather. How is it so dark all of a sudden?! Other than that, the autumn colours, crunchy leaves on the floor and the golden sun peaking above the houses in the morning aren't so bad. At least the chilly weather means I'm more inclined to tuck myself up in bed and write a few blog posts!

Speak soon!

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