Food Frenzie


Today I threw away so much food! I felt terrible. It was all out of date and not like a couple of days out of date, but about a week or so. Now usually, if it is a mushroom or something like that, fair enough, they go a bit wrinkly and still taste good, but unfortunately this was meat. That made me feel worse than terrible. In fact, I felt so bad that I sat down and planned out my meals for the week so that by next Friday, there will be no waste (cross fingers). If this all goes well and to plan, I may even make a habit of writing out my meals as a bit of a reminder for myself and to provide a bit of inspiration to those who may be a little lost for weekly meal ideas, but for now, here is an outline of the meals I have planned from today to next Friday. Now, I don't know how fussy you are about food, but I am quite picky. Because of this, you are not going to find any falafel or quinoa here, but instead good, old fashioned, quick and easy family meals. So, let's get started.

Friday: Fish and Chips, with peas and a spicy twist.
I love fish and chips. They remind me of long walks along the beach, the smell of the sea and swimming. For some reason we always had fish and chips after we went swimming, it was just a thing. However, as we all know, this isn't the healthiest of meals. So, to combat that, the fish is breaded, the chips are hand made and oven baked and of course there are plenty of peas to boot. The spicy twist comes from the chips. Covering these in a little oil, paprika, mild chilli powder and a few dried chilli flakes gives these chips a bronze glow and an adult twist.

Saturday: Chicken Fajitas
Fajitas are so easy to do and taste so good! Full of vegetables they are also pretty healthy and a quick weekend meal. I'm afraid there is nothing more I can say about this. Fajitas = good.

Sunday: Party Food and Cake!
Today Rich turned 24 which of course means cake! We had a few nibbles at his Nan's and enjoyed a few treats too. Cheese and onion rolls, jam tarts, chocolates and some pizza too.

Monday: Meal Out
As there has been a few birthdays and celebrations this week, we went out for a big group meal. I enjoyed a classic Chicken New Yorker.

Tuesday: Creamy Mushroom Pasta
This was a bit of a throw together and includes loads of mushrooms, bacon and onions. It's delicious and tasty and perfect for a midweek meal. Throw in a pre-made sauce for ease or a bit of cream/creme fresh to make your own sauce. Super easy, super tasty.

Wednesday: Pizza
Simple and a firm favourite. We couldn't really be bothered to cook today so grabbed a couple of pizzas and chucked them in the oven.

Thursday: Beef Stir-fry
Peppers, spring onions, some beef and boiled rice with a bit of oyster sauce. Beef stir-fry makes a delicious quick and easy meal. Unfortunately, this meal was a little bit of a flop as I used a packet black bean sauce mix and it wasn't great, but usually this is delicious and one of my favourite meals!

Friday: We went out again...

Anyway, this week was ok in terms of food. We ate out a little more than we usually would, but next week I'm planning on using the food we have in our cupboards and hopefully save a little bit of money on the weekly shop along the way too!

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