Kojo and PHP


Meet Kojo and PHP!

This post is a long time coming to be honest, we have had our hamsters for a while now, but as with most things, I never really get around to blogging as much as I would like - hence the massive gaps between blogs. Anyway, here is yet another promise to blog more!

Kojo and PHP were moving in pets really.
After moving in, there was just something missing. For me, a house isn't really a home without a pet, whether that's a great dane or just a snail - heck even a cactus!
Now I know that hamsters aren't the biggest pets that I could have and not really a big commitment, not compared to a cat or a dog anyway, but I absolutely love hamsters and look how cute they are! Plus we are renting at the moment and we can't have pets that can get fleas...
Anyway, here they are, Kojo and PHP - as for the names, Rich is a PHP developer and Kojo is something to do with coding too (very geeky I know, but pretty good names if you ask me).

This is Kojo, she is a little plump of a hamster and loves peanuts more than I love watching reruns of Americas Next Top Model - and I LOVE that show. Every time I change the food, she charges up to it and grabs the peanuts before PHP can get her nose in and then rummages and picks out all the good bits - Our cute little fat ball of fluff! 

This is PHP aka Pushpa. She is so cute and tiny and small and aww just look at her! PHP gets bullied by Kojo to be honest, but she can hold her own (and out run Kogo easily). She loves strawberries, but she does look like a character in one of those zombie films with strawberry 'blood' all around her mouth. I love her little jelly bean feet and whiskers. Her nose twitches so much and all in all she is just adorable!

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